Reform and revolution-Thoughts on reading "Beijing Fa Yuan Temple"

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The monarch, officials, and people of ancient dynasties are changing in the long manman time. No matter which era, there seems to be no better time. Each generation of the Dynasties has its own unique side. In future studies and comparisons, we may make a rough judgment, but people in the world are, it seems that I have never been dissatisfied with the status quo. The natural economic structure dominated by more than 2000 peasants in China under the feudal rule makes Chinese people's survival objective simple and simple, with warm clothes, full meals, and room and shelter! In the face of the ever-changing development process of reform and opening up, the most basic human needs are also so simple.

In order for the next generation to change their fate and lead a better life, the parents work tirelessly and do not complain, creating a meager but heavy value for the children to go to school, and believe that knowledge changes their fate. However, what they get is not as good as they expected. to their satisfaction, they have made at least a change in their contributions, although not as expected, but it is better than not doing but not changing.

As a member of the world, my survival goals are the same as the basic needs of the broad masses of peasant compatriots and people. The path is also very similar. Our parents work tirelessly to provide us with a good material foundation so that we can change our fate through learning. The fate of farmers seems to be well understood. If they do not go out to study, they will be closely linked with their own land in the future. But as a common child who grows up in a city, it seems that he does not know what his life is like. If he does not study hard, he cannot change the fate of his parents? Again. It's just that, when we meet the basic needs of our daily lives, we seem to have a bad idea about this fate. What kind of fate is changing and who's fate?

Kang tanliang: what they want to change is the fate of China. Each of them has a peerless mind, rich knowledge, advanced theory, and big knowledge to change the fate of Chinese people. By an emperor who intends to reform and does not want to die in the country, he is doing the ideal of breaking the old, new, and catching up with Europe and the United States, and is no longer suffering from abuse. Everything looks so beautiful. If the country succeeds, it will not be bullied, the people will be stable and prosperous, and the country's status will be elevated. Reform is carried out on an existing basis only for prosperity and prosperity. Unfortunately, the prosperous and prosperous universal goal still touched the rights and interests group. If your reform is for the benefit of the people of the country, he thinks it is changing his life. So here we are doing reform, and there are people playing with you. It is not just a matter of failure, but also a painful price. In order to warn the schools of reform, Tan Tongtong is willing to sacrifice blood, so that more people will not be able to see the road. Tang Youwei saw the road but did not want to give up, Liang Qichao decided to accept the warning to change the road. It seems that there is no path to improvement from the reform of the Wuxi Dynasty to the establishment of the Republic of China and the founding of the new China. Tan's blood sacrifice was successful, and perhaps the foundation of these "Dynasties" was not deep. The cost of improvement was higher than that of reform, so he changed the number of years in just a few decades. The new China is not less than a hundred years old. In the development of science and technology, when the beginning of the people's intelligence, it seems that the call for reform is coming, and the sound is coming to let people think deeply.

Reform is to carry out repairs and organization on an existing basis, while the revolution is to break the old and new, and the old cannot break the new. When the foundation is unstable, the system is incomplete, and the people are not fully accepted, the revolution is easier than reform. Unfortunately, China has been revolutionizing several dynasties for thousands of years, but there are no new ideas, in addition to changing the number of fish and meat people, there is no achievements, and we have used the previous dynasty system to form our own rules and regulations. It also requires us to be unable to make changes for a hundred years, if you want to change it, you will be able to make it better after a hundred years of revolution. In this context, in addition to the prosperous development of the dynasty, almost all of China's dynasties are eating old books and then going downhill. Finally, they are waiting for the revolution of others. What can be changed in the dynasty is either the implicate of the monarch who is about to die or the intention of the DPRK to change and the right to vigorously push. The former is Wang Anshi's law of reform and Wuxi's law of reform, while the latter is Zhang juzheng. It is clear that the reform aims to make the country more prosperous, to make the people well-being, and to benefit the whole world. Without changing, you can only wait for the future revolution. However, history has always loved capturing people. The revolutionary people can be the founding emperor, or at least the Founding Fathers. However, those who advocate reform are always framed and killed or dug graves after death, the offending person is not a group of hate stories at half past one. There are almost no people who are willing to take the path of change. Unless they are willing to write books such as Kang tanliang to watch the red dust and let them survive, most of them will be waiting, and the people will be waiting, while the Government is waiting, the country is waiting, and the country is waiting for the revolution and salvation of others. Compared with the cost of reform, it may be at the expense of a few people (the pioneer of reform), benefiting from the country and the people. However, if we take the Revolutionary Road, we will use the blood of thousands of people to fill the lake, and the dead will pave the way for decades of stability. Contemporary people are always ridiculed by history. It is always rolled repeatedly under the most painful wheel, never changed, never changed.

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