Release a small software meditor for editing and previewing the markdown format, which is pure Open Source

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Some time ago, I had been worried about the unified document format in the project. The most commonly used documents are Word and Excel. But how can I compare the modified documents? There may be some differences, but there is still no matching. xls,.doc comparator after the test. This is just an introduction.


So I thought of txt, but it was too difficult to read. I thought of HTML, and the comparison was meaningless after the tags were too many. So I thought of "markdown" in the recommendation of ", I found that it is what I was looking for: plain text, micro tags, can be converted into HTML, and then I started such a small tool software: meditor.
Its main function is to edit the markdown file on the left and preview the HTML on the right. You can download and modify the markdown file as needed.

Markdown syntax Lite version

Full version of markdown syntax


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