Resolve Win7 Open firewall prompts the "Windows Firewall" service does not open the method

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In Windows system, Firewall can protect Windows system security for us, before the small series for you to introduce the "Win7 Shutdown Firewall Method", but some users when the firewall, the system prompts not open Windows Firewall service window, and unable to operate the protective wall properly, how can we solve the problem? The following small series to provide you with the solution!

Solving method

1. First, we press the Win7 32-bit System computer keyboard Win+r shortcut to open the computer's running window, in the Open Run window, we enter regedit and click Enter, so that you can open the Win7 32-bit System computer Registry Editor window.

2. In the Open Registry Editor window, we click to expand Hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetservicessharedaccess in the left menu, and then we SharedAccess "Right click on the item, select" Permissions ", in the pop-up window, we click Select Add, and then in the" Select Users and Groups "window" Enter the object name to select "In the box below enter" NT servicempssvc ", and then click" Check Name ", After, We will find that the "NT servicempssvc" in the box will become "MpsSvc" and then click OK.

3. Next, in the "SharedAccess Permission" box, click "MpsSvc" in the box under "Group or user name", and then click "Allow" in the box under "MpsSvc Permissions", and then tap OK.

Through the above methods we can solve the Win7 system to open the firewall prompt does not open the "Windows Firewall" service error problem

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