Resolving Win7 system frequently appears in the "Windows Explorer is rebooting" method

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Win7 system is still the most widely used, the most common computer system, although the WIN8, WIN10 system has emerged a variety of rich functions, but everyone's familiarity with the Win7 system, as well as the Win7 system itself powerful, still in the proportion of the system dominated. Although the performance of the Win7 system is good, but also a large and small problem, today small series for you to introduce Win7 flagship computer often pop-up Windows Explorer is restarting prompts. Encountering this problem is caused by the following reasons:

1, system resources have been occupied

2, the computer configuration is too low

3, virus infection as long as the following explanation in detail to solve the problem.

Resolving Win7 system frequently appears in the "Windows Explorer is rebooting" method

In the first case: system resources are too heavily occupied

Most of this happens because users are starting too many programs on their Win7 flagship system, of course, sometimes in their own computer installed too much software will also appear such a problem, I suggest you go to the task Manager to see the computer CPU, memory usage, If the CPU and memory usage is high, indicating that the computer is running too much, this time, we need to run the program to end a few.

Second case: Low Computer Configuration

Many times, our computer configuration is too low, can not support too much software operation, but the user has opened up a large amount of resources to occupy the program, it is easy to appear such a situation, but relatively speaking, the configuration of the computer can not easily change, we can only try not to use too much wastage of resources.

Third case: viral infection

If it is the cause of the virus, we need to use anti-virus software for antivirus.

Learn the method of small, so the trouble is not solve the problem? We just need to follow the above situation to determine and then follow the solution, will certainly help solve the problem. The user who encounters the above problem, quickly learns a point!

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