Restore the loss recovery point of Windows XP

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The System Restoration function in Windwos XP does solve many problems for us, but sometimes the restoration function is "invalid. The Restore Point of the system created before I installed the game disappears. Instead, there is only one system checkpoint. What's going on? How can we restore the original system restore point?

After the Restore point is lost, start "Control Panel> Management Tools> Event Viewer", select "system" in the event viewer, find the information file for the loss of the Restore Point, and view the properties to see: the system restore service is paused because there is not enough disk space on drive C: \. Once there is at least MB of available disk space on the system drive, the system restore service will be automatically restored. 1)

Figure 1

After understanding the cause of the loss of the Restore point, we should restore it. Step 1: Find the System Volume Information folder under the root directory of the Windows XP System. The Chinese name can be translated as "System Volume label Information ". This folder stores the backup information restored by the system.

Step 2: Back up System Volume Information. The simplest way to back up a backup is to copy a copy directly. However, the necessary Compression should be adopted considering the maintainability of the backup file.

Step 3: If the System uses NTFS partitions, a warning will appear if we click the System Volume Information folder directly. Because the System Volume Information folder only allows System access by default, even if you use members in the Administrators group to log on. To access this folder, you must further set the folder: Right-click the System Volume Information folder and select "properties" in the pop-up menu ", then, select "security" in the tab, and then select "add" to add a visitor to the folder: Administrators, and grant full control to the folder. 2. Here, you can select the username you want to log on to. The username used by the author belongs to the Administrators group, so you can add the Administrators group .)

Figure 2

Then, click the System Volume Information folder and select WinZIP or WinRAR to compress it.

After compression, copy the compressed file to a safe place. After that, whether the system disables the System Restoration function because of insufficient disk space or manually disables the System Restoration function, as long as we re-enable the system restoration function, manually delete all the folders and files in the System Volume Information folder and re-enable the System restore function ), decompress the compressed backup file to the System Volume Information folder, and then start the System restoration. We can see the recovery point we need.

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