Siebel attachment cleanup

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Use sfscleanup to run $ siebel_root/siebsrvr/bin

Run the siebenv. Sh environment variable before running.

Sfscleanup/u sadmin/P secret/f \ server1 \ files/X \ server1 \ logs \ sfscleanup. Log

/X specify the name of the output log

Logs contain types and operations,


Current indicates the rowid of the file. The version number is exactly the same as that recorded in the database.

New indicates that the file was created less than one hour.

Orphan indicates that the file row_id does not exist in the Database attachment table. It can be deleted directly without any business association.

Invalid indicates that this file is not in the Siebel attachment naming format, and may be a folder.

The row_id of this file exists in the database table, but the version numbers are inconsistent. This indicates that this is the old version of this record (the file is re-opened and uploaded, and the record remains unchanged)

/U sadmin System Administrator
/P sadmin Password
/F \ server1 \ files attachment directory (level 1 of ATT)
/X \ server1 \ logs \ sfscleanup. log output file
/N whether to remove the old version
/G n whether to delete files generated by non-Siebel File System Components
/R n: whether to generate only report files (only file names and types are included)
/M \ server1 \ files_bak move the target directory of the Attachment
/C odbc Data Source
/D table owner

Export siebel_repository = "Siebel repository"

Generate the attachment validity report (No OS operation is performed)
Sfscleanup/u sadmin/P sadmin/C test_dsn/d Siebel/r y/f/share/siebfs // X ~ /Clear. Log

Generate Reports and move orphan, invalid, and sort ent files

Sfscleanup/u sadmin/P sadmin/C test_dsn/d Siebel/f/share/siebfs // X ~ /Clear. log/g y/n y

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