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CRM Afternoon Tea (21)-Root Siebel

Talking about CRM does not mention Siebel and talk about the carpenter does not mention Luban is just as unreasonable. I am from the reporter interview Siebel the first Chinese area manager Wang Qiang's article to seek to feel out. Wang Qiang said 1995 Siebel Company launched the

Oracle Siebel Option Pack for IE ActiveX Control Memory Initialization Vulnerability

Oracle Siebel Option Pack for IE ActiveX Control Memory Initialization Vulnerability Released on: 2010-08-06Updated on: 2010-08-09 Affected Systems:Oracle Siebel Option Pack for IE 7.xDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cve id: CVE-2009-3737 Siebel Option Pack for

Siebel invoking an Oracle stored procedure

= "Siebel. ProcedureName ";//CommandText is the name of the stored procedure. ProcedureName is the name of the stored procedure -Adoinputsparameters = Adocommand.createparameter ("Txtrowid", 200, 3, 40, "10011"); -Adooutputsparameters = Adocommand.createparameter ("Srnum", 200, 3, 40, "10011"); the adoCommand.Parameters.Append (adoinputsparameters); - adoCommand.Parameters.Append (adooutputsparameters); -Adocommand.activeconnection =Conn; - Adocomman

Oracle's CRM in the financial services industry

the high development of information technology in today's society. Known as ERM (Enterprise Resource Planning), which is the management software system of ERP, has been popular in developed countries for more than more than 10 years, as the development and continuation of CRM, it is also made by computer software manufacturers and through its software products. Oracle Corporation is a software company that

Introduction to the new functions of Oracle managed CRM R16

Oracle has recently launched the five new features of Oracle managed CRM R16, following the introduction of Oracle Managed CRM version 16 (CRM on Demand R16) last month. This article will introduce the five features. BEIJING, Feb

Olympus uses Oracle-hosted CRM to eliminate data problems

The leader in precision technology-Olympus America, which specifically created innovative Optical Digital Solutions for medical, life sciences, and consumer electronics, recently announced the deployment of Oracle-hosted CRM, provide comprehensive information about customer activities to its medical system sales team. Its powerful reporting and analysis tools provide an intuitive user interface and a single

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