Sixty books for programmers

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1. Philosophy of Science and Management 13

[1] The psychology of computer programming: silver anniversary edition 13

[2] An Introduction to systems thinking, silver anniversary edition 14

[3] General Principles of system design 15

[4] quality software management (volume 1st)-system thinking (quality software management: Systems Thinking) 16

[5] becoming a technical leader: an organic problem-solving approach 16

[6] "is your light on? -The real location of the Problem Found "(are your lights on? How to figure out what the problem really is) 18

[7] the pragmatic programmer 20

[8] waltzing with bears: Managing Risk on Software Projects 23

[9] "The Fifth practice: the art and practice of a learning organization" (The Fifth Discipline) 24

Ii. Computer science basics 26

[10] The Art of computer programming 26

[11] computer systems a programmer's perspective 29

[12] Introduction to algorithms (Introduction to algorithms, Second Edition) 30

[13] "data structure and algorithm analysis-C language description (source book version 2nd)" (Data Structure & algorithm analysis in C, Second Edition) 31

[14] "Introduction to theory, language, and computing of automatic machines (2nd)" (Introduction to Automation Theory, languages, and computation (second edition) 32

[15] discrete mathematics and its applications, Fourth Edition 33

[16] compilers: Principles, techniques and tools 34

[17] modern operating system 35

[18] "Computer Network (4th)" (Computer Networks) 35

[19] Introduction to database systems (version 7th) (an introduction to database systems (seventh edition) 36

Iii. Software Engineering ideas 37

[20] leware: productive projects and teams, 2nd ed.) 38

[21] The personalized papers: notes on the human side of software 39

[22] The Mythical man-month 40

[23] Software Engineering: a practitioner's approach, practice edition 56

[24] Agile Software Development-principles, models and practices (Agile Software Development: Principles, patterns, and practices) 57

[25] Planning eXtreme Programming 58

[26] Introduction to RUP (version 3rd of the original book) (the Rational Unified Process: an introduction, Third Edition) 59

[27] the unified software development process 60

Iv. Software Requirement 62

[28] discovery requirements-quality before design 63

[29] writing into tive use cases 64

V. Software Design and modeling 66

[30] "Principles and Practices of object-oriented methods" 66

[31] object-oriented software construction, Second Edition 68

[32] object-oriented analysis and design with applications, 2e 69

[33] fundamentals of object-oriented design in UML 70

[34] "UML essence-Concise Guide to Standard Object Modeling Language (version 2nd)" (UML Distilled: a brief guide to the standard Object Modeling Language (2nd edition) 71

[35] applying UML and patterns: An Introduction to object-oriented analysis and design and the Unified Process, Second Edition 72

[36] Design Patterns explained 74

[37] design patterns: Elements of reusable object-oriented software 75

[38] pattern-Oriented Software Architecture Volume 1: Pattern-oriented software architecture, Volume 1: a system of patterns 76

【39 】 bringdesign to software 77

Vi. Programming 79

[40] programming pearls Second Edition 80

[41] "C programming language (version 2nd · New Version)" (The C programming language) 81

[42] The C ++ programming language (Special Edition) 82

[43] "C ++ primer (3rd)" 83

[44] the design and evolution of c ++ 84

[45] "C ++ programming ideology (2nd)" (thinking in C ++ Second Edition) 85

[46] "effective C ++" & "more effective C ++" 86

[47] The Art of C ++ 88

[48] "Java programming ideology: 3rd" (thinking in Java, Third Edition) 89

[49] "valid Java" 90

VII. Software Testing 91

[50] Test-driven development: by example 91

[51] testing object-oriented system: models, patterns, and tools 92

[52] unit test Java version-use JUnit/unit test C # version-use nunit (Pragmatic unit testing: in Java with JUnit/pragmatic unit testing: in C # With nunit) 93

8. software maintenance and reconstruction 95

[53] refactoring: improving the design of existing Code 96

IX. Configuration Management and version control 97

[54] "The path to Version Control-use CVS" (programmer practices the first part of the trilogy: pragmatic version control using CVS) 97

10. Field topics (related to networks, platforms, and databases) 99

[55] "TCP/IP explanation" (TCP/IP multicast stracted) 99

[56] UNIX Network Programming 100

[57] advanced programming in the Unix environment 102

[58] The Art of Unix programming 103

[59] "Data Access Mode-database interaction in Object-Oriented Applications" 103

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