Small book maker Markdown editor V1.0.12 released

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Small book maker Markdown editor V1.0.12 released

Markdown Editor

The small book maker editor is an editor designed for Markdown writing and offers a wide variety of web,window,linux,mac versions, enabling storage options such as browser storage/local file system storage/evernote/Evernote/github/dropbox, and have a variety of export solutions, welcome to try.

Key Features
  1. A document editor designed for Markdown writing , allowing users to create their own minds without distractions.
  2. multiple editing modes . Single-column editing, double-column editing, three-column editing, full-screen writing, full-screen reading ... How to switch, how to switch, just like this.
  3. A variety of theme choices . Includes editor theme, preview area code highlighting theme, and preview area user custom CSS.
  4. rich syntax support . Not only does it provide common commanmarkdown syntax, but it also provides many useful extension grammars, such as latex formulas , tables , directories , footnotes , videos , Audio , accessories , checklist, flowchart , etc. More syntax to view < small book maker Grammar Manuals >
  5. third-party synchronization . Browser Storage , local file system storage , Dropbox, Evernote, impression notes , GitHub and many other storage solutions, Ensure the security of user data, but also let users have more choices in the storage scheme.
  6. support Evernote, impression notes . Provides two-way operation, you can save the article to evernote/Evernote, or you can import data from evernote/Evernote. At the same time provide labels, accessories, pictures, to-do and other related processing.
  7. powerful file management capabilities . File information, tags, attachments, audio, video, picture management.
  8. Publishing Features . Support for posting articles on the blog platform.
  9. Mail Sending function .
  10. sourcemap control function . Convenient in the source Markdown file and generated HTML file comparison, especially suitable for markdown beginners to understand the results of each markdown resolution, but also applicable to the post-article proofreading.

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Web version Access address

The following link is a grammar manual that is released offline using the small book maker editor
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Small book maker Markdown editor V1.0.12 released

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