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1 run the command prompt as an administrator

Because the following steps must run under administrator privileges, we find the command prompt from the Start menu, or type cmd Quick Search, right-click it, select Run as Administrator, and click Yes in the pop-up User Control window. Another way to do this is to hold down the CTRL and SHIFT keys and click the shortcut directly, which is simpler.

2 Enable and set the "virtual WiFi card" mode

Run the following command to enable the virtual wireless network card: netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid= (here is the wireless network name) key= (here is the password) as shown

After the execution, we will see a "Wireless network Connection 2" Virtual NIC in the network adapter.

Mode: If the virtual WiFi card is enabled, the disallow is disabled and the virtual NIC disappears.

Ssid: Specifies the name of the wireless network, preferably in English.

Key: Specifies the password for the wireless network. The password is used for secure WPA2 encryption of the wireless network, which can prevent the net from being rubbed well.

The above three parameters can actually be used alone, such as using only Mode=disallow to disable the virtual WiFi card directly.

3 Enable Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

To share the connected Internet with other computers or devices, we need to enable the Internet Connection Sharing feature. Open the Network Connections window, right-click a network connection that is connected to the Internet, select Properties, switch to the Sharing tab, select the check box, and select the network connection that allows it to share the Internet, which is our virtual WiFi card.

Once identified, a shared flag appears next to the shared network card icon, indicating that Internet Connection Sharing is open to the virtual wireless card.

4) to open the wireless network

Continue to run the following command at the command prompt: Netsh wlan start hostednetwork to open the wireless network that we have previously set up, which is equivalent to opening a router's wireless function. Similarly, you can turn off the wireless network by changing start to stop.

As you can see, the virtual wireless network card has opened the wireless networks we have designated, and its IP address and other properties are assigned by the Internet Connection Sharing service, so it is more special.

Here is not far from success, you can pick up your mobile phone, Wi-Fi function of the search, you will see a wireless network connection! But not online, but almost. We change 137 to 2 network segment (This section of the network can be arbitrarily changed, as long as it is not the same network with you share the net segment can), I set to ip:, subnet mask:

The first step: computer-side settings (directly above)

Open the network card properties, double-click the "Wireless network card", and then configure the IPV4 properties, according to my above configuration, IP address to be configured and virtual network card the same network segment of the line, can not be, only 192.168.2.X, subnet mask default is, the default gateway set to virtual network card IP address! The preferred DNS is also the virtual network card IP address, after the configuration of the link wireless network will be able to surf the internet!

Step two: Mobile phone-side settings

Generally speaking, the specific settings to find their own location. Set the IP address setting of the mobile phone wireless network, also has the subnet mask, the gateway and the Dns,ip address setting method is 192.168.2.X, but the X cannot use the same with other wireless devices! Subnet mask or, Gateway is, preferred standby DNS is After the configuration is OK, other wireless devices connected to the virtual network can share the Internet.

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