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"The World Martial arts, invincible, only fast not broken!" Chow to "Fast" interpretation of "Kung Fu", "fast" become synonymous with undefeated. In the Internet's rivers and lakes, the change of information is fleeting. For the cloud and the end of the bearer of information delivery of the task of the browser, fast is the experience, fast is the goal. Not in one trick, but to recruit rapid disease, interlocking.

What's the hurry? The browser to really "fast" up, you must start fast, open the page quickly, interface reaction fast, download speed, indispensable. This requires the browser in the entire process of user use for different links to optimize the acceleration, coherent, throughout the whole, in order to let users really experience the speed of flying. As a dual-core high-speed browser pioneer-Sogou high-speed browser, has been in response to user browsing the entire high-speed experience of continuous innovation. Dual-core browsing, full network acceleration, speed protection, prevent the death of a series of technologies are "speed optimization" for the purpose. The strong are not afraid of challenges, since the "High speed" to fame, it should be gold. The ring has been set up, and let the heroes on the stage.

First, start speed-gestures like an eagle

Browser Fast, the first impression is very important, double-click a half-day can not open only make users straight frown. Although the current computational power resources are greatly increased, but this can not be a reason for waste of resources, the fastest resource occupancy and release efficiency is the ultimate goal of starting optimization. Use the "Apptimer" software launched by PassMark to record the start of the first program launch, to the time when the "About:blank" page is loaded. By comparing with other products, we can see that the starting speed of Sogou is highlighted, which is nearly 3 times times faster than IE9 and Chrome, and 1.4 times times faster than the 360 security browsers. A point is open, is every use of Sogou people left the first impression, potential, such as the Eagle Stroke Rabbit, take the initiative, seize the Prelude.

Sogou High Speed browser to start the fastest

Second, the whole network acceleration--recruit sensitive like leopard

There is no doubt that speed is the key factor in determining the speed of users browsing the site. But the complexity of China's network environment makes our speed can not reach the operation of the brand name, if we can speed up the speed of access to the server between the different operators, it is tantamount to improve their own net. This loss of trading in the domestic only search engine provider Google, professional browser manufacturer opera, as well as China's third-largest client Sogou is doing. and Sogou's "network acceleration" technology, is designed to solve China's unique cross-border telecommunications, netcom and education network of slow exchange rate of obstacles, through the national servers, Sogou become the only browser market in China with the speed of exchange of the browser to accelerate the technology manufacturers. Compared with Google Chrome's "cloud acceleration" and opera's "Turbo" server-side acceleration technology, Sogou Local server bandwidth advantage is obvious, and this is a competitor in the short term can not exceed the important reason.

Sogou High Speed Browser's "Full network acceleration" effect can be seen directly through "access"

Especially in the university campus, Sogou's accelerated function allows students to more easily contact the Internet, and teachers on business trips, but also faster access to the education network. The data from tables 01 and 02 show that the speed of access to the Internet from the Education network is almost 4 times times as high as the average, with an unparalleled burst of speed, like the agile Jaguar.

The students who suffer from the speed of education net to enjoy free with Sogou

Third, the page display----The Swift Thunder

Now the page is basically text, pictures, videos, flash together, to the page display fast, the core of the choice of rendering is very important, and once encountered those "Chinese-style" net silver and website, also want to all compatible. High-speed mode of WebKit core although fast, but touch the net silver on the helpless, compatible mode of IE core slow, but fortunately stable, good compatibility. At this time the elegant as a master action, do not move has been, moving is swift as thunder. Before the shot to plan good exertion should be masculine or feminine, body at will move, send and receive freely. The face of the Chinese Internet page number of nearly 90 billion of the astonishing scale, sogou based on the domain name of the system dual-core database can be typed from the user site from the moment to help us decide whether to use the speed or compatibility mode to browse the page.

But encounter must use IE core page, let the user again manual switch is not user-friendly, not the "speed" of the people. So Sogou put forward the "intelligent switching" solution, the dual-core switch is not limited to the application of the first load on the page only effective, but based on link detection, dynamic based on the path of user access automatically adjust the page display mode.

For example, when shopping in E-commerce site, landing and merchandise browsing using high-speed mode, payment automatically switch to the compatibility mode so that users to use net silver payment. In this process, users do not have to pay attention to when the high-speed mode, when must switch to compatibility mode browsing, all of these work by the Sogou automatically completed. And this is the "true double core" of the powerful, perfect cookies synchronization and page thread relay mechanism, can ensure that without interruption of user experience, the premise of intelligent switching speed and compatibility mode.

When shopping in Taobao need to pay, Sogou high-speed browser automatically switch from high-speed mode to compatibility mode

By visiting 5 of the most commonly used Web sites, we compared the speed of different browsers to open the page (see table 03), where the load time contrast, refers to from the input URL press ENTER to start to the first screen, the input bar in the page in the time between the input state. The final result is the high speed model Sogou Fast browser won the victory over Chrome.

Iv. Label Switching--reactive diseases such as electricity

Microblogging, SNS, forums and other sources of information accumulation so that everyone needs to deal with the amount of the information also multiplied, a large number of pages are frequently turned off, video, Flash, insert ads such as running lanterns in front of the swing. At this point, if there is a problem on the page, can cause the entire browser to collapse, so what is the speed? and Sogou pioneered the "anti-death" technology, is when the Web page script overload operation, the content of the Web page changes, window harassment, data overload loading, flash plug-ins implicated crash, and so on, in time to stop, The impact of a page crash is firmly limited to one label. Ensure that the performance degradation and collapse of a single label in any case will not affect other labels. Let Sogou become "undead" browser.

Figure 9

V. High-speed download and network protection

Who the Internet is not directed at the free software Ah, blockbuster Ah go, if the download speed does not give force, that resources no more can not be used for me. The attachment in the forum, the share file in the network disk, the software installs the file and so on the regular downloading file to keep below the 10MB the slim stature generally, the professional downloading tool's growing bloated and the small file downloading quantity increase even may let the downloading tool's start-up time surpass the file itself downloading time. Moreover many small files use the object only to own, the downloading tool wastes in looks for the image file acceleration time to start downloading directly.

For this kind of situation, Sogou's secret is the self-developed "high-speed download" engine. Although the download is not the main business of the browser, but still can be compared with the professional download software Thunderbolt, to experience the Sogou "high-speed download" the power of the engine. Through table 04 data, we can see that, thanks to the introduction of high-speed engine p2p+ multiple mirroring service, Sogou high-speed browser in the download of domestic hot resources, download speed is about 3-5 times IE9. Compared with the Thunderbolt, when the file volume is less than 1MB, with Sogou high-speed browser directly download speed faster than the Thunder download. And the following documents, Sogou download speed can also be the same as the Thunder.

For small files of hundreds of K, the direct download of the browser is much more convenient than the call Thunder

Open PPS side to see blockbuster, while chatting with QQ friends, nothing to download point ebook or something put to the phone. Wait, why watch Cnbeta news so slow, the original background program is full of bandwidth. If the browser can automatically and these hogging the bandwidth of the program to discuss, look at the Web page when it is not slow, how good! Yes, this is the Sogou "Speed protection" technology launched the original intention.

Speed protection, is sogou for the browser to achieve high-speed browsing provides another strong guarantee. When the Sogou detection of peer-to-peer tools of the operation, through intelligent adjustment, will be opened in the Web page "borrow" the bandwidth, to the page after loading, and then the bandwidth "also" to Peer-to-peer tools. This borrow one also, only in a few seconds, the user if not specially concerned, will not find, but will feel downloading, listening to music, watching the news is very fast.


Through the above comparison and analysis, we are not difficult to find, Sogou high-speed browser really played a "high-speed" this piece of gold-plated, really realized in the process of user access to the Internet to accelerate the idea, it is no wonder that it will be so quickly in the Chinese browser market among the three strong.

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