Sohu's top executives predict that the post-Olympics Internet advertisement will grow by half

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Last Friday, the U.S. stock market fell sharply again. The NASDAQ overall index fell by 2.27%, and most Chinese concept stocks were not "spared ". Among them, as the company's top executives expected to decrease the growth rate of advertising services after the Olympics, SOHU. Nasdaq, which had a strong early stage, suffered a 13.67% drop in one day and became the focus of the market.

Last week, Wang Xin, co-president of Sohu, said that due to the slowdown in advertising sales after the Olympics, the growth rate of online advertising revenue will be only half that of this year. Internet advertisement sales are expected to increase by 20%-30% next year, lower than the expected growth rate of more than 40% this year. According to the news that Sohu's online advertising growth will slow down, not only did its share price drop, but SINA (SINA. Nasdaq) also suffered a 8.72% drop last Friday.

It is worth noting that Wang Xin's statement is inconsistent with that repeatedly emphasized by Sohu's board chairman Zhang Chaoyang. Zhang Chaoyang believes that the Olympic Games will have a long-term significance for Sohu and the Sohu brand will become very powerful after the Olympics, because a large amount of quality traffic will make advertisers think that advertising is very effective, this will fully reflect the Olympic effect in 2009.

In addition to portals such as Sohu, media stocks also fell sharply last week. Focus Media (FMCN. Nasdaq) fell 9.23% again last week. Its share price fell from $ May 19-6 to $43.56, or nearly 27.06, in the last month of June 20, 40%. It is understood that at this year's CCTV 3.15 Gala, the wireless ad media subsidiary of Focus Media was accused of being an important source of spam text messages and the culprit of leaking the personal information of mobile phone owners. Focus Media then responded to an active investigation and instructed relevant departments to stop their businesses for rectification. Tan Zhi, CEO of Focus Media, said that the restructuring of focus wireless networks is coming to an end. Apart from the crowd, similar stocks such as VISN. Nasdaq and AMCN. Nasdaq also experienced different declines last week, of which hangus fell by more than 9%.

However, the concept stocks in the wireless value-added business field are relatively strong. HRAY. Nasdaq rose slightly last week. The company officially announced last Friday that its president, chief operating officer and acting chief financial officer, Wang Shaojian, will resign from its current position and take effect from January 1, June 20, 2008. Shares of similar Skynet (KONG. Nasdaq) and lingzhi (LTON. Nasdaq) are also relatively stable.

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