Solution for Lenovo rescue Win10 blue screen 0xc000000d, win100xc000000d

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Solution for Lenovo rescue Win10 blue screen 0xc000000d, win100xc000000d

This article introduces a common blue screen error in Windows 10 represented by Lenovo rescue laptop. This solution is suitable for restoring windows 10 in all Lenovo rescue laptops !? ? ? The first few sentences of the blue screen Code are as follows: RecoverYour PC/Device needs to be repaireThe Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors

The code for this blue screen is as follows:


Your PC/Device needs to be retried red

The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errorsFile: \ EFI \ Microsoft \ Boot \ BCDError code: 0xc000000dYou'll need to use the recovery tools. if you don't have any installation media (like a disc or USB device), contact your system administrator or PC/Device manufacturer

Chinese Translation:


Your computer needs repair

Boot configuration data is lost to your computer or contains an error File: \ EFI \ Microsoft \ Boot \ BCD

Error code: 0xc000000d


You need to use the recovery tool. If you do not have any installed media (such as a CD or USB device), contact your system administrator or computer/device manufacturer.

Many methods on the Internet are complicated. If you want to burn a USB flash drive, reload the system.

Next, I will introduce a convenient and omnipotent solution, as Lenovo's online customer service told me that this method can allow the computer to automatically reload the C drive (no need to connect to the Internet), and other disks (such: d, E, F, and G disks.

First, press the notebook power key for 5 seconds to force shutdown. Then, stamp the recovery hole on the right of the notebook, which is located between the HDMI Jack and the VGA Jack, and the icon is a counter-clockwise arrow.

Wait for 20 seconds. Four English options are displayed on the screen. Select "System recovery" (Chinese meaning "one-click recovery ").

Next, wait for 20 seconds. On the page displayed, select "recover from initial backup" and click "Next ".

Next, the page appears and click Start ".

Note: Are you sure you want to restore the system partition to its initial state ?", Select "yes ".

"NOTE: restoring the system partition will delete all the current data. Are you sure you want to delete the data and restore it now ?", Select "yes ". (Although "yes" is selected here, this step only reinstalls the C disk, and data on other disks, such as D, E, F, and G, will not be cleared .)

If the power supply is not plugged in, plug in the power charging line and click "OK ".

Okay! At this time, the computer will recover the C drive from the initial backup, with an average recovery speed of 5 ~ 10 GB/minute, depending on the size of your drive C, you will know that it can be restored in a few minutes in a big budget estimate.

A gb c drive will be restored in about 15 minutes! After the system recovers, click "OK ".

Then, select "restart ".

After the computer is automatically reinstalled, enter the Win10 system welcome page. Just like the new computer's first boot, you need to enter the name and personalized settings of the computer.

After entering this information, Win10 will show off its welcome page ..

Next we will go to the desktop, and re-install drive C. The files before drive D, drive E, drive F, and drive G are still there!


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