Solution to the failure of itunes repeat installation under WIN8 system

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ITunes is a free digital media playback app launched by Apple's computer, after the installation can be very convenient to manage and play music, video, and so on, recently netizens reacted in the WIN8 system installed itunes error, not only failed to install, but also has been repeatedly installed, like a virus, Encounter this situation should do, please see the solution of small series.

Solution to the failure of itunes repeat installation under WIN8 system

1, in the installation of 2503 error code;

2, click OK, appear "ITunes is configured before the installation program error" dialog box, click "End" to exit the installation;

3. Right-click the itunes installer, select "Run this program in compatibility Mode" and "Run this program as an administrator" in the compatibility selection card to confirm the change of settings;

4, set the file to the current user name of all administrator rights, as shown in the following figure;

5. Reinstall, the prompt for the successful installation is popped up.

The above method of operation is a small collation of the WIN8 system installed itunes has been repeatedly installed but the installation is not successful solution, the key to deal with the problem is to use compatibility mode to install the software.

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