Solutions for sorting input methods in Windows

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Method One: Modify the registry (looks troublesome, actually very simple)

① start → run → enter regedit, open Registry Editor, find Hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetcontrolkeyboard layouts and expand, Here are listed in the computer all the Input method primary key name, casually clicks on an item, in the right window view layout text key value to know the input method name, the following picture shows:

The purpose of this step is to see the input method of the primary key name, the general Chinese input law of the primary key name is the beginning of E, so we just look at the beginning of E can, the following list some commonly used input method primary key value, easy to find:

00000409-English Input method

E0040804-Intelligent ABC Input Method

E0010804-Full spelling input method

E0100804-Wang Code Wubi type Input Method version 86

E0200804-Acura Wubi Input Method

E0210804-sogou Pinyin Input Method

E0220804-Universal Wubi Input Method

e00e0804-Microsoft Pinyin Input Method

E0020804-double-spell Input method

E0050804-Location Code Input Method

E0030804-Zheng Code Input Method

② start → run → input regedit, open Registry Editor, find HKEY_USERS. Defaultkeyboard layoutpreload items and select, in the right window you can see the input method sorting 1, 2, 3, 4 ..., by modifying these 1, 2, 3, 4 ... key values to complete the input method of the sorting problem, Input method of the key value is found in the ① of each input method corresponding to the name, the relevant screenshots are as follows:

Method Two: The input method is deleted, and then in your order to add Input method, first added to the front (stupid way, the effect is the same as the method)

Open the text services and input language window to modify: Start → settings → control Panel → regional and Language options → language → details (or right-click on the taskbar icon → settings), the relevant screenshots are as follows:

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