Solve the problem that mobile phones are connected to WiFi but can't surf the internet

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Many mobile phone users will find such a strange now, the phone is already connected to the WiFi network, but not on the network. Here we give you a detailed talk about where the problem is, and of course, how to solve the problem.

First to listen to the situation of small series, the home of the Tplink router has been good, USB wireless network card, IPAD2, mobile phone ME865, MB525, millet 1 can connect the normal WiFi access, but just started the charm clan MX2 can not even WiFi access.

According to the small series for 2 consecutive nights of continuous toss, basically figure out why mobile phone can not connect WiFi but not on the network reason. If you're like a little weave, that's the root. Using the router's "lazy-mode one-click Settings" To configure the router's Internet parameters, and in the encryption authentication method where the default selected "Automatic", it is possible that the mobile phone can even wifi but can not access the Internet problem.

WiFi encryption authentication Type the default choice of "automatic" may cause the cell phone to connect WiFi but not the internet

For why only the Phantom of the MX2 mobile phone can even wifi but can't access the problem, small codec is not familiar with encryption technology, can only simply think that the charm of the family MX2 WiFi security requirements higher ... If you have friends who are more aware of this problem, please write a question for the small.

Mobile phone with WiFi, but no network solution

Since you know that the WiFi encryption type is chosen by default for "Automatic", the solution is also simple, manually selecting the type of WiFi encryption as the safest "WPA2-PSK" on the line. After restarting the router, all devices are properly connected to the Internet.

Manually select "Wpa2-psk" This WiFi encryption authentication type

According to a friend of the small series, there are many people's mobile phones are able to connect WiFi but not on the network (XP SP2 system also encountered this situation), the reason is to set the router is a key setting.

If you're like a little weave, and you have a problem with WiFi but not the Internet, try manually selecting the "WPA2-PSK" WiFi encryption authentication type to see if it solves the problem?

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