Some Design Problems in the Tongda OA Work Plan module need to be improved

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Some Design Problems in the Tongda OA Work Plan module need to be improved

In the past two days, I have taken a look at the "Work Plan" module in Tongda OA and some problems found during testing and usage. I will discuss and share with you here.

The work plan is very good in itself. They all come together according to the plan, and the work can be based on evidence. Do you plan in advance? But in many cases, the plan became useless only because it was not followed up.

Regardless of the actual application, Let's first look at the design of this planning module. One of the key points in the plan is to confuse the plan date with the time date. In this way, the most direct problem is that it is difficult to distinguish between the time limit required at that time and the later execution time, although it can be viewed in the work details, too many queries are required, resulting in inconvenience in use.

The other thing is that the status setting after the execution is completed in the module is not very clear, but is determined by time. This will also lead to some logical problems, it is very painful to make a report.

This is also the reason. It is not very convenient to use this module for time-out monitoring and management. If necessary, we need to further upgrade the module.

I would like to share some simple ideas with you.

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