Some frequently used software in software engineering

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Java series:
Project management:
Requirement management software:
1. telelogic doors accounted for 70% of the shares
2. Rational requisite pro
3. Borland caliberrm
4. Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server
5. opencollective
6. Dragonfly is the only Chinese version.
Rational modeling for the UML language and the case tool provided by RUP:
By making requirements easier to write, communicate, and modify, rational requisite pro enables all development teams throughout application development to update and track requests in real time.
When the Rational ClearQuest windows and web-based demand change management products are available, the project team can track and manage all change activities during the development lifecycle.
Rational Rose is a world-leading visual modeling tool for business process modeling requirement analysis and structural design.
Rational soda provides product documentation automation tools throughout the software development process, greatly reducing the time and cost of document work.
The run error check tool used by rational purify c/C ++ components and application developers helps to check memory errors.
Rational visual quantify C/C ++, VB, Java components, and advanced performance evaluation tools used by application developers to help evaluate performance bottlenecks.
The rational visual purecoverage automatic software test coverage tool enables developers to fully and effectively test their applications.
Rational teamtest creates, maintains, and executes automated functional tests, allowing you to fully test the code and determine whether the software meets the expected needs and performance.
Rational performancestudio evaluates and predicts the ease-of-use, accurate, and upgradeable tools for client/server and web system performance.
Rational clearcase is a software configuration tool that leads the market and provides the project manager with the ability to track the evolution of each software development project.
Rational xde provides a truly seamless integrated Visual Modeling Environment for the most popular integrated development environment.
Rational Apex-rational apex is an integrated development environment that enables programmers to design, develop, and maintain complex C/C ++ Or Ada systems. Apex also provides advanced software engineering capabilities, including version control, architecture organizing, and release management.
Test Tool SQA
(4) Attachmentid = 385396 & postid = 6498216 download of rose, Borland, and UML of itpub
(5) solve the problem of "mem_bad_pointer" error when installing and applying Rational Rose:
Windows xp pro SP2
It is also in the WINXP SP2 system.
The official explanation for this is:
1) extract shw32.dll from the attached RAR file.
2) locate the copy of shw32.dll that the affected program (the one
That's giving the mem_bad_pointer error) is using. rename this file,
Or move it to some other directory for safe keeping. Note: This step
Is not strictly necessary, but if you experience problems with our
New DLL, the first thing we're re going to suggest is that you revert
Your old one.
3) With your old shw32.dll renamed or moved for safe keeping, install
The new shw32.dll where the old one used to be. Now run your app
Usual and verify that the error no longer appears.
4) If after Step 3 you still see the mem_bad_pointer error, search
Your hard drives for any other occurrences of shw32.dll and replace
Those (using the above procedures), one at a time, until the error no
Longer appears.
In fact, solving this problem does not need to be so complicated, just download the show32.dll patch (Address: and go to the Rose directory (C:/program files/rational/rose) replace the original file with the new file. This error will not occur when you exit next time.
Original address
Other Id = 124064
Development tools:
Technical guard
JOC. Jar
Http:// Java decompilation tool jodeclipse for eclipse3.2
(2) myeclipse 5.1.0
License name: TLF
License key: glr8zc | 065444 | 545454 | 7663624914
License name: eastgame
License key: rlr8zc | 065444 | 545454 | 352499020
License name:
License key: rlr8zc | 065444 | 545454 | 340248553
Subscriber: www.1cn. biz
Subscriber code: jLR8ZC-444-55-4467865481680090
After successful registration, you will find:
Subscriber: www.1cn. biz
Product ID: e3mp (myeclipse professional submodules)
License version: 9.99
Full maintenance supported DED
Subpartition expiration date (yyyymmdd): 20991231
Number of licenses: Unlimited
Eclipse Plugin:
If the newly added plug-in cannot be found, you can turn off JBuilder and run cmd to display the command window. Enter the corresponding drive letter E:, and then return to the installation directory of JBuilder, such as cd e: /0 jasonli/jbuilder2007, and then type JBuilder-clean to start JBuilder and you will see the plug-in you added. Add the plug-in to E:/0 jasonli/jbuilder2007/JBuilder/Eclipse/plugins and E:/0 jasonli/jbuilder2007/JBuilder/Eclipse/features instead of E: /0 jasonli/jbuilder2007/plugins and E:/0 jasonli/jbuilder2007/features. The plug-in can also be placed in a self-created folder, but a. eclipseextension file needs to be created in this folder without the extension. The content is:
Id = com. Borland. JBuilder. productname = jbuilderversion = 1.0.0
You can also use help-software updates-find and installing-search for new features to install-change the Save path to your own when updating, and then automatically add one for you. eclipseextension file.
Http:// plug-in Network
Javascript Plugin:
Aptana IDE (JS, CSS with smart prompts, browser type and Dom version prompts, input prompt, no formatting)
Http://www.aptana. TV/
Javascript Reporter (TM) JavaScript Tool
Debugging tool
Teniga (JS prompts intelligently, no browser type prompts, ALT +. prompts, JS formatted)
Teniga is a javascript editor plug-in. It provides runtime syntax error checks, content outlines, code prompts, and syntax coloring functions. It helps you quickly and easily write JavaScript code. Teniga also supports dynamic expansion of user packages.
Jseclipse (JS prompts intelligently, browser type and version prompts, CTRL +. or Alt +. or Alt +/prompt, no formatting, can be identified as "javascript class" and "JavaScript function"-Outline View, CTRL +/is a comment line)
You can edit JavaScript files to highlight the syntax and include some common object-oriented methods. Supported object-oriented functions include constructor, class method, instance method, class variable, and so on. Supports code error prompts and alert reports.
Http:// & Error = 1
For jseclipse plugin ext of the Code Completion Library
Http:// T = 6112
This item can improve the function of jseclipse to automatically complete extjs code.
Install: unzip the file, put all XML files to "yourworkspace /. metadata /. plugins/COM. interaktonline. jseclipse/user_library ", reboot eclipse. if the user_library not exists, then create it.
Another solution:
1. Copy ext-all-debug.js into your project in your project.
2. Refresh your code completion library from jseclipse menu.
Jseclipse plugin will generate library for you.
I installed ext Lib for jseclipse 1.5.x and eclispe 3.1.2 successfully!
I installed ext Lib for jseclipse 1.5.x and eclispe 3.1.2 successfully!
1. Download the two zip files. extract them to a temporary folder.
2. in eclipse, create a new JS file, choose the menu "jseclipse-> Add library", choose one XML file of the extracted Temporary Folder. then eclipse will create a folder named "user_library" under path "/yourworkspace /. metadata /. plugins/COM. interaktonl ine. jseclipse ".
3. Copy all files from temporary folder to the "user_library" folder.
Hope it's helpful!
Jseditor is also a plug-in that can write Javascript in eclipse.
Http:// easy to use.
Myjseditor is a javascript editor. Its functions include syntax highlighting and Automatic Code completion. Myjseditor also highlights custom JavaScript objects and automatically completes the code. This plug-in mainly supports the rhino JavaScript engine, but is also compatible with other Javascript Engines that comply with the ecma262 standard.
Spketide-(spket ide 1.5.11?
Spketide provides many functions to help Mozilla extensions developers improve development efficiency. Its powerful JavaScript Editor provides code-like Automatic completion, directory outline, Code (including XML Code) folding, syntax (including XUL/XBL syntax) highlighting, these functions help developers improve the efficiency of writing JavaScript code. In addition, spketide is still Yahoo! An auxiliary development tool for UI components.
(JavaScript editor plugin for
(Eclipsehtmleditor) easy to use, no smart prompts, no browser type prompts, no Formatting Function.
CSS Plugin:
CSS Editor-(CSS editor) easy to use, no smart prompts, no browser type prompts, no Formatting Function.
CSS Editor (eclipse plugin) is a plug-in provided for eclipse. It can edit complex CSS functions.
When tracking method code, eclipse is switched to the method interface class by default, and only the method name does not have specific implementation code in the interface, this plug-in provides the ability to trace the implementation code of a specific implementation class.
Call hierarchy
Call hierarchy displays the call level of a method.
Eclipsetidy provides the function of verifying and formatting html/XML files based on HTML tidy.
Eclipsehtmleditor is a plug-in that can be edited in eclipse to verify HTML, XML, and JSP.
Page = eclipsehtmleditor
Checkclipse check whether the code style and writing comply with the specifications
Http:// Official Website
Http:// checkstyle Download Page
Spell checker
This is a spelling check program plug-in for eclipse3.1 platform. It can be used for Ava, JavaScript, javaproperties, XML, HTML, JSP, and PHP spelling checks. Espell supports custom spelling dictionaries, and checks the words you type for special settings of the project.
Jautodoc is an Eclipse plug-in that automatically adds javadoc comments to your source code.
Eclipse UML
The UML modeling plug-in provides complete functions.
Violet UML Editor
Viotlet UML editor is a powerful UML editor that is easy to use and can be developed quickly. It can draw good-looking class diagrams, object diagrams, sequence diagrams, state diagrams, and use-case diagrams. This plug-in embeds viletting into eclipse.
The UML modeling plug-in can be used to draw UML class diagrams and UML time sequence diagrams.
Http:// Page = amaterasuml
This Eclipse plug-in is a visual uml2.0 editor.
Jupe is a UML plug-in based on the GEF and UML2 frameworks. It creates, generates, and reversely converts UML class diagrams. Jupe allows you to create a UML class diagram with the mouse, export the diagram to XMI, and load and save the class diagram. You can create a UML class diagram based on the source code. If the source code changes, the class diagram is automatically changed.
This plugin integrates argouml modeling tools into Eclipse IDE. Supports all class diagrams of uml1.4.
Topcased UML Edit
Uml2.1 modeling tool supports nine model diagrams, including UML use case diagram, class diagram, package diagram, sequence diagram, collaboration diagram, state diagram, activity diagram, component diagram, and deployment diagram. It also provides a conversion engine for Java and model graphs.
Green UML
Green UML is a UML class diagram creation tool designed for students. You can use green UML to create a UML class diagram from the Code, or use a UML class diagram to generate code. All associations in the class chart can be dynamically added or deleted as plug-ins. Green supports exporting UML class diagrams into jpg and GIF formats.
Relo is a good tool that helps developers study large code libraries. It can track your code packages step by step and quickly generate class diagrams similar to UML.
Google Code Search
Google Code Search plug-in.
VSS client plug-in. vss is a version management system with the same name as CVS.
Strutside is a Struts framework development tool. It provides a graphical management interface for struts-config.xml profiles.
Http:// Page = strutside
The main features of strutsbox include:
◆ Development Platform Based on eclipse3.1
◆ A visual editor used to edit the struts configuration file
◆ Display the Web flow of the struts application in a graphical manner
◆ A JSP editor with highlighted syntax
◆ You can use the Wizard to create a struts project and a new struts form
◆ Supports struts 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 standards
Struts-it provides comprehensive support for developing Struts-based Web applications. It is based on Eclipse 3.1 and can be well integrated with WTP 0.7. Struts-it supports struts1.1, 1.2, and jstl.
Flux is an Eclipse plug-in that supports model-driven design of a struts1.1 web application. It can generate struts-config.xml and Struts-config-. xml configuration files from UML activity diagrams. The home page and eclipse help system provide detailed user manuals.
Regular Expression test plug-in.
J2EE design pattern generator
One Eclipse plug-in that can generate J2EE design mode code and support J2EE refactorings. It uses XML files to store design mode descriptions. This plug-in provides a friendly user interface wizard. The following design modes are supported:
* Front Controller-
* Session Facade-
* Service Activator-
* Service locator-
* Composite entity-
* Transfer object supporterd refactorings :-
* Hide entity behind session-
* Move business logic to facade-
* IIntroduce Front Controller
Patternbox is a Java design mode editor. It provides a template-based code generator. This XML-based template allows you to define your own code template. Patternbox can currently be 16 types
Gof Design Pattern Generation Code.
SEDS Design Pattern Pugin
This plug-in makes it easier to develop Java applications using design patterns. It has built-in basic modes such as singleton and factory, but users can also configure other modes. SEDS Design Pattern Pugin built-in specific design patterns include: chain of responsibility, iterator, mediator, memento, observer, strategy, command, factory method, prototype, Singleton, holder, bridge, composite, facade, Dao, type safe enumeration, visitor, flyweight, facade.
Http:// /~ Shogun/iosr/site/Maven/
Jinto: International plug-in
Java SDK docs for eclipse
This plug-in includes the Java SDK documentation (including Java "2 se 5.0 SDK (JDK 5.0) docs, Java" 2 se 1.4.2 SDK documentation, Java "2 ee 5.0 sdk api docs) and other documents (APACHE ant 1.6.5, Apache SOAP v2.3.1 documentation, Apache Struts framework, xerces Java parser 1.4.4, xerces Java parser 2.8.0, C ++) will be added one after another) integrated with eclipse to help the system facilitate browsing and searching during development.
Eclipse Instant Messenger
Eclipse instant messaging plug-in, which combines some common protocols such as MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, and aim.
Eclipse messenger
The instant messaging plug-in facilitates developers to communicate with each other. No other applications are required.
Http:// /~ Cosmologic/
Test tool:
(3) Two useful test tools jmeter and Badboy are recommended:
Jmeter is an open-source project organized by Apache. It is a tool for functional and performance testing. 100% is implemented in Java:
Badboy is also a powerful test tool:
Official Website:
Badboy is no more functional than jmeter, but with Badboy, you can make your testing easier.
PHP series:
Http:// studio Official Website
Zend studio v5.5.0 cracking
PHP China Forum ZendStudio-5_2_0 download
Http:// Zend studio demo
Http:// phped Official Website
Http:// phped Official Website
Nusphere phped ide v4.6.4616 Special Edition
Http:// phped debug demo
Javascript series:
Http:// carefree script
Http:// W3 English School
(1) A good way to debug javascript:
Modify ie settings:
The "option-advanced" option of IE. Two options are checked by default:
Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer)
Disable script debugging (other)
The Chinese version may be "Disable script debugging". Remove the two options.
In vs2005 "tools-options-debugging-real-time", select script debugging.
Add the debugger where debugging is needed. For example:

Open or refresh the page to open the breakpoint.

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