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I. Accumulation of works (impermanence on Monday, September 3, 2012)

Hello, group owner! My question is actually one sentence: How to accumulate own works under the condition of insufficient quantity of work? My company is at ease, the benefits are good, this is my family has not let me change the job is a major reason, but I have graduated two years, has been in this company to do art work, I remember working for a year, I am particularly happy, nothing has been thought, but also to celebrate it. But I've been working for two years now, especially this year, since the Spring Festival I have hardly done anything, has been in the "muddle along", I strongly feel that I can not continue to stay in this company, otherwise it must be wasted, so I want to change jobs, I have to change jobs, But I usually do things are some sporadic things, do not have a complete piece of their own work, from now on I want to do things, quiet down to a large number of things to do, accumulate their own works, please the group of the Lord to help me, not very grateful!!!!

Answer: I think your question is actually very clear to you. "From now on I want to do things, calm down a lot of things to do, save their own works", Ah, it is so simple, seize the time to do ah, in addition to their own constraints, work hard to do things, there is no other way. If you want to improve the efficiency of doing things and improve your procrastination, I recommend you look at the time management of things, my blog on this aspect of content, online attention time Management blog is also a lot of, such as ink, gtdlife, learning time management, better arrange their time, perhaps you will be helpful. Of course, if you have any design problems, you can always email me, I will do my best to help you, thank you for your letter.

Second, the design of some confusion (black sister on September 4, 2012 Tuesday)

Bo Lord Hello! I want to know when doing graphic design, the use of materials, as well as the composition of the need for reasons? Sometimes customers ask me what this material means, why such composition, I do not have a reasonable reason to explain to the customer, because the production time, follow the feeling go, (simply say is not to do their own ideas to promote out) what do you have in this respect of books or websites or materials recommended? Looking forward to your reply.

Answer: your question is very good, often listen to some designers to ask the question. I personally think that the reason to explain the work to customers is not only because of the lack of ability to promote their own ideas, it is not to say that we should be in the promotion of self or exercise eloquence, the fundamental reason is that you do not consider in the design of the full, the customer asked the question is normal, And we as designers have nothing to say but is not normal. For each of the works of the use of materials, layout methods, color collocation, as a designer is to first ask why they use this material, why so layout, composition, why use these several colors of these problems, because it is directly related to the quality of the design works. The process of design certainly requires intuitive participation, but it does not require theoretical and rational thinking. Take an example of a design work to illustrate the questions that a potential customer will ask, and what kind of thinking and answers we need to redesign:

Above is a vampire hunter's cartoon homepage design, if we are customers, when this work presented to us, we want to ask the following questions, you think as a designer how to answer?

1, in the color scheme , we are very aware that you use a blood-like red idea, which coincides with the vampire theme, but can you explain to us the use of other colors, such as the background of the blue?

The creation of the gloomy scene of the night determines the cold tones of the background, mainly to make a contrast between the dark and the red, so that the main information, such as the title of the comic book, theater release time and buttons are visually more eye-catching and prominent. The background of the blue on the color ring slightly green, and the red collocation is a typical complementary color scheme, visual feeling is harmonious and comfortable. Look at the picture below to understand this color collocation. First of all, we take the main color dark red, and then in the red complementary color green on both sides of each 30 degrees, get our current color scheme. We only use two of them in this scene, but it is enough to satisfy our design.

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