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SRS Premium Sound is a randomly attached audio software that simulates stereo surround sound on a Dell notebook. Its purpose is to provide users with good audio-visual experience. Simulate surround sound on the stereo, let the user have immersive feeling.

SRS certification and Dolby certification are the development of virtual surround sound, SRS is prior to the introduction of Dolby and related certification, currently using SRS certification of the main notebook brand has Dell, Asus, Lenovo and so on. have excellent sound effects. SRS Premium Sound is a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge audio technologies that create immersive, high-quality audio experiences for playback of music, video, and gaming content on a PC.

The SRS's sound software, in addition to SRS Premium Sound, has another version of SRS Audio Sandbox. SRS Audio Sandbox is a personal computer ultimate audio enhancement software. The software provides stunning surround sound and subwoofer effects, and is very clear and can even be used for desktop speakers. Can be used for all music, videos, and games on a personal computer, and provides special custom presets. SRS is a patented audio technology developed by the United States SRS Labs company based on the dynamics of the Human auditory system (Dynamics of Human Hearing system) and psychological acoustics (psychoacoustics).

SRS Audio Sandbox interface

Let's talk about that. The Dolby decoding surround sound system of SRS surround system (Dolby prologic) compares the result of the audition: using the same two speakers and switching the SRS and Dolby several times, when using SRS, professionals often check whether the rear speakers are working, In fact, the SRS is the front of the main speaker at work. SRS voice clarity is higher than Dolby logic, surround sound as a continuous three-dimensional sound field, full of space, and Dolby surround sound from five speakers, the listener feels is a plane two-dimensional sound field.

If the SRS is placed in front of Dolby, so that the original planar two-dimensional sound field changes to have a sense of spatial continuity of the three-dimensional sound field, so that people feel a real sense of Shanpa. SRS surround sound makes a person subjectively feel the sound source distribution in the whole three-dimensional space speaker is no longer the point of sound source, the masking effect between the sound sources than the traditional sound only from a few "points" multi-channel system is much weaker, so the SRS sharpness is higher than multi-channel surround. Regular stereo sound playback, background noise from two speakers (two points) replay out, noise concentration at two points, while the SRS system playback noise distribution in the entire space, compared with the common stereo system's centralized noise, the SRS background noise on the sound signal interference effect is very small, so SRS from the sound reduction, Sound-playback sharpness and noise reduction are better than stereo playback.

In addition, Dolby sound effect and SRS sound effects are even a simulated sound effects, its two enterprises have the right to certification. As for JBL, is the brand of sound, Lenovo from Y460 after using is JBL's stereo. Asus ' notebooks are made with an Austrian blue star. As for Dell, it is not known yet.

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