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SSL certificates have become very popular. For example, Let's Encrypt Free SSL, which was prepared for sharing later, has started public beta and has been recognized by most third-party browsers and authoritative websites, therefore, if we need to use SSL certificates to implement the https url format for our website in the future, there are still many free SSL channels available.


1. StartSSL official website


The code is as follows: Copy code




After entering the StartSSL official website, if we are new users, we need to Sign-UP for a new account.


2. Register a new StartSSL account



By default, the country is selected based on the IP address. If you do not select a country, you need to select one. Then, enter the email address and click "activate verification code". An activation verification code will be sent to our mailbox.



Enter the verification code and click Sign UP to complete registration. The StartSSL official website logon certificate will be automatically installed in the browser. We do not need to enter the user name and password to log on to the StartSSL official website, click Authenticate to log on to the StartSSL user management panel.



3. Apply for a free StartSSL certificate


StartSSL merchants do not completely provide free SSL certificates, but also provide paid certificates. After all, people also need to maintain the balance of payments. If we have money in the future, we will also purchase paid SSL for users.


1. Select a free SSL certificate



On the back panel, we can see a lot of paid SSL certificates. I don't know anything special. Here we find the position shown in the figure above, the free certificate is what we are looking for. Click the HERE link to go to the next step and see what information is required to apply.


2. Select the SSL application type



Here, the use types are Web Server SSL/TLS Certificate, Client S/MIME and Authentication Certificate. Generally, we choose the first one.


3. Verify domain name ownership



When we select to use the website, we must verify the domain name to be used. As shown in the figure above, click "Domain Validation" to verify the Domain name.



Here we need to use the Domain name, then select the Domain Validation option.



Here, the old Jiang only wants to test the application process of the StartSSL Free SSL certificate, and is not ready to use the actual website. Therefore,, one of the second-level domain names, is currently used as the application certificate test.



Select a usable email address and click Send Verification Code to Send the email. Then, enter the activation Code and click the validate button to verify the email. Note that if we do not have a domain name Post Office, we will automatically retrieve WHOIS email. If we have privacy protection, we can cancel it first and enable privacy protection after receiving it. Here I am using the "" domain name post office, so select to accept verification.



After verification is completed and domain name activation verification is applied, we can continue to apply for a Free SSL certificate.



4. Apply for a Free SSL certificate for a domain name


1. Enter the applied domain name



You can enter up to five sub-domain names including "", one row per row, and StartSSL Free SSL supports only five. If you need more than one, you need to purchase the paid service.


2. Enter the CSR


If you have read several previous articles and use VPS, you need to enter the CSR when applying for an SSL certificate. This CSR can be generated directly in VPS.


The code is as follows: Copy code

Openssl req-new-newkey rsa: 2048-nodes-keyout key-out csr


After executing the command, we need to copy and paste the csr script. Here we need to adapt to the situation. If the virtual host, one-click package, and other environments are used, CSR may be generated automatically, and then we can copy the CSR based on the specified path.


If we are not using the VPS or are not yet ready to use it, apply for it first, and then use it later, then select the PKI system that comes with StartSSL to generate the CSR.



Here we enter a password of more than 10 characters, and the system will automatically generate the CSR for us. Here we must remember the password, which will be used later for obtaining SSL.



We must save this key, download it, or copy it to a local file for storage. We will definitely need it later. What should we do for us? Save and click SUBMIT. So far, we have applied for the StartSSL Free SSL certificate, but it is not activated immediately. We need to wait for the review email to send it to download the certificate to use the website.


PS: This process may take 10 minutes or several hours. We can only wait.


4. Download and use the StartSSL Free SSL certificate


Lao Jiang remembers that it used to take 10 minutes or even several hours to download and use it. Now it seems that it can be used immediately. It seems that the official efficiency has improved a lot.



We can see that the background of the StartSSL certificate is clear, and we do not need to use general tools. If you need to use it later, you need to supplement it. Here, we need to download the certificate. By default, it is free for one year, and can be renewed before expiration. It is also free.



Here we can see that the downloaded SSL Certificate Package is clear. Deploy the SSL certificate file in the corresponding compressed package to the website based on the environment of our website. Lao Jiang is not deployed in this article. Later, he will use a separate article to deploy the StartSSL certificate to two common website environments: Apache and Nginx.


V. Summary of StartSSL Free SSL certificate application


The process of applying for the StartSSL Free SSL certificate through the above steps is still relatively simple, at least later than when the old version of the interface was also applied, at that time, it would take several hours to wait for the activation email and request activation confirmation. If the preceding steps are not recorded, the problem can be solved in 10 minutes.


If we use a simple site, it is not a commercial purpose. The StartSSL Free SSL certificate is sufficient. At least we have not heard of the difference between free and paid services. If we need to use a free SSL certificate to our website, we can also apply for a StartSSL certificate.

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