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StartSSL applies for a Free SSL certificate application and complete account registration process

SSL certificates have become very popular. For example, Let's Encrypt Free SSL, which was prepared for sharing later, has started public beta and has been recognized by most third-party browsers and authoritative websites, therefore, if we need to use SSL certificates to implement the https url format for our website in the future, there are still many free SSL channels available.1. StartSSL official website The code is as follows:Copy code Ht

STARTSSL, free SSL certificate application and Precautions

Privatekey.key, as a private key. Here you can also pre-use the OpenSSL tool or the IIS Wizard to generate a certificate request (. csr file) that contains your own extra information and contains the private key, so you can skip the Generate private key step. Then select the domain name you want to create a certificate for, and enter a subdomain, and the final request

STARTSSL Free Certificate request steps and setup under Tomcat and Apache

STARTSSL Free Certificate Application step 1. Client Authentication Application STARTSSL user authentication uses HTTPS client certificate authentication rather than username/password authentication. So the first step is to request a STARTSSL client

Startssl Request a free SSL certificate

code provided in the message to download the installation certificate. Backup certificateAfter the personal certificate is installed, it is recommended to back up the certificate, this certificate is used to do STARTSSL authentication,

Summary of problems encountered in configuring the startssl Certificate in Tomcat 7 in Linux

difficult to install, But it solves the asynchronous Io problem at the operating system level, greatly improving the performance. You must install APR and tomcat native. Apr can be directly started. It turns out that Tomcat is started in the default bio mode because APR and tomcat-native are not installed in Linux. Install these two items. After installation, you can start it. IE, chrome... All of these can identify the certificate, but Firefox does

Wildcard certificate resolves an internal connection certificate error problem

. Windows Integrated: None name ext* wssecurity} wssecurity} "src=" Wkiol1eii9qzmpndaaal76okbsk234.png "" 576 "height=" 267 "/> The command is as follows: Set-webservicesvirtualdirectory–identity ' Pekdc1-chs-01\ews (Default Web Site) ' –externalurl https:// Set-webservicesvirtualdirectory–identity ' Pekdc1-chs-02\ews (Default Web Site) ' –externalurl https:// 650) this.width=650; "style="

Has someone applied for an SSL wildcard certificate?

Has someone applied for an SSL wildcard certificate? Answer a lot of questions. Click to 1. bind a computer? 2. fees? 3. Where can I apply? ------ Best solution ---------------------------------------------------------- verisign ------ other solutions --------- has someone applied for an SSL wildcard certificate? Answ

The world's first multi-domain wildcard SSL Certificate

Before learning about the multi-domain wildcard SSL Certificate, we will first introduce the multi-domain certificate, also known as San certificate or UCC certificate, multi-domain certificates are described as follows:Multi-domain San/ucc ssl

A wildcard certificate causes client connectivity issues for Outlook Anywhere

A wildcard certificate causes client connectivity issues for Outlook AnywhereThis topic describes how to troubleshoot Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 client connections when you use Outlook Anywhere to connect to Microsoft Exchange and to deploy a wildcard certificate across Exchange Client access servers in your organiz

OpenSSL signs its own generic domain name (wildcard) certificate

OpenSSL self-built CA signed by default is a single domain name certificate, because there are multiple HTTPS domain names on a single server, sometimes you want a certificate to solve all problems, if the same top-level domain name, then the universal domain name (wildcard) certificate is right for youNo need to modif

[Case sharing] Exchange 2013 wildcard Certificate fails to allocate POP and IMAP services

Environment:Ad+exchange 2013Problem:The Exchange Server uses a wildcard certificate, but the certificate assignment service is prompted to fail to allocate POP and IMAP services?Workaround:In the EMS inputSet-imapsettings-x509certificatename Mail.contoso.comset-popsettings-x509certificatename mail.contoso.comThen restart the IMAP and POP3 services toThis article

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