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Used to be a smooth computer (win7,64 bit), the recent frequent emergence of cotton, extremely affect the use of experience, I studied for a long time, found that the problem of turning off the chrome is not there, and then the chrome version back to the Chrome_win64_stable_ 58.0.3029.81 (the previous version of Chrome is chrome_win64_stable_60.0.3112.113), and then stop the automatic update of chrome, because Chrome defaults automatically updated, I see the solution on the Internet is different, And it was a long time ago.

I have adopted:

Right-click My Computer-management-services and applications-service-stop: Google update Service (gupdate), Google Update Service (gupdatem), Startup type: Manual

The way is prohibited, temporarily effective, online said may lead to Google account can not sync, resulting in bookmarks and other problems can not be synchronized, I have not yet tested, intend to meet after the solution, after all, the account synchronization function is extremely convenient, can not lose this function.


If you have turned off automatic Updates, do not click on the browser "about", if clicked, then the browser will again detect the version is the latest version, and then automatically updated. If you want to view the current version information, you can enter it in the Chrome address bar: chrome://version/



Chrome History version Download

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