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Please read in the order of subject:
1. Misunderstanding; 2. Nails; 3. Slow start; 4. Large.

1. Misunderstanding:
In early years, a young man got married and gave birth to a child in Alaska. His wife died of dystocia and left the next child.
He is busy with his life and is busy with seeing his house. Because no one helps to watch the child, he trains a dog. The dog is smart and obedient. He can take care of the child and feed the child with a bottle, raise a child.
One day, the master went out and asked him to take care of the children.
He arrived in another village and couldn't come back that day due to heavy snow.
The next day, the dog immediately greeted the host. He opened the door and looked up. The door was full of blood. The bed was also full of blood. The child was gone, the dog was around, and the mouth was full of blood.
The Master found this situation and thought that the dog had a sexual attack and had eaten the child. In anger, he picked up the knife and targeted the dog and killed the dog.
Then, I suddenly heard the child's voice and saw him climb out of the bed, so he picked up the Child. Although there was blood on his body, he was not hurt.
He was wondering what it was about. Then he looked at the dog's body, and there was no meat on his leg. There was a wolf beside him, and he bit the dog's meat in his mouth;
This is the most surprising misunderstanding in the world.

Note: misunderstandings often occur when people do not understand each other, are irrational, have no patience, lack of thinking, are unable to understand each other, reflect on themselves, and have extremely impulsive feelings. At the beginning of a misunderstanding, I always thought of the other side's thousands of errors. Therefore, the misunderstanding will get deeper and deeper, and people will get confused about the ignorant animal and dog, there will still be such a terrible and serious consequence. This misunderstanding between people makes it even harder to imagine.

2. Nails:
A boy had a bad temper, so his father gave him a bag of nails and told him, every time he lost his temper, he pinned a nail in the fence of the back yard.
On the first day, the boy pinned 37 nails. The number of dingtalk files is gradually reduced every day.
He found it easier to control his temper than to pin those nails.
One day, the boy will no longer lose his patience and temper. He told his father about this and his father told him that at the beginning, whenever he can control his temper, just pull out a nail.
One day passed, and the boy finally told his father that he finally pulled all the nails out.
My father came to the backcourt with his hand and said, "You have done a good job, my good boy.
But looking at the holes in the barrier, these barrier will never be restored to the past.
What you say when you get angry will leave scars like these nails.
No matter how many times you say sorry, the wound will always exist.
The pain of words is as unbearable as the real pain.

Note: People often suffer permanent harm due to persistence that cannot be put together. If we can start from ourselves and start to look at others with tolerance, I believe you will certainly receive many unexpected results ...... Open a window for others, that is, to let yourself see a more complete sky ......

3. Slow start:
Most of my colleagues are excited because a new supervisor is transferred from the organization, which is said to be an expert who is specially sent to reorganize the business.
But every day, the new supervisor did not do anything. Every day he entered the office politely, and he hid in the room to go out. The bad guys who were so nervous now are even more rampant.
「 He's a good guy! It's really a good guy, and it's easier to get started than the former supervisor !」
In the past four months, when I was really trying to disappoint my new supervisor, the new supervisor gave me the power ...... All the bad guys are successful, and those who are able to do so are promoted.
It's like a complete change of people to get started quickly and get disconnected. He is conservative in April.
During the year-end dinner, the new supervisor gave a speech after three rounds of wine: "I believe everyone will be puzzled by the performance of my new tenure and the drastic changes I 've made in the future, now let me tell you a story and you will understand: "I have a friend who bought a house with a courtyard. As soon as he moves in, the courtyard will be comprehensively reorganized, all the weed trees were cleared and new flowers were planted. The previous house owner visited the house one day and asked, "Where is the most expensive peony? 』 This friend of mine discovered that he had used the Peony as a grass shovel. Later, he bought another house. Although the yard was even more messy, he could not move. In winter, he thought it was a plant of miscellaneous trees. In spring, flowers were blooming. In spring, he thought it was a weed, in the summer, it became a brocade tree; there was no movement for half a year, and the leaves were red in the autumn. It was not until twilight that it realized which plants were useless, but vigorously removed them and kept all the precious vegetation preserved ."
Speaking of this, the supervisor raised his cup and said, "Let me respect everyone here, because if this office is a garden, you will all be the treasure in it. It is impossible for the treasure to blossom all the year round, it can be recognized only after long-term observation!

4. Loose:
This is the story of a soldier who returned from the Vietnam War.
He called his parents from San Francisco and told them, "Mom and Dad, I have come back, but I have an unfriendly invitation. I want to bring a friend home with me .」
「 Of course !」 They replied, "we will be very happy to see you .」
But his son went on again. "But I want to tell you one thing. He was seriously injured in the Vietnam War. He lost one arm and one foot. Now he has no way to go, I want to ask him to come back and live with us. 」
「 Son, I am very much left behind, but maybe we can help him find a place to settle .」
Then the father said, "Son, you don't know what you are talking about. People with disabilities like him will put a lot of burden on our lives. We still have to live our own lives, so we can't let them do this. I suggest you go home first and forget him. He will find his sky .」
At this time, his son hung up his phone and his parents had no message.
A few days later, the parents received a call from the San Francisco police,
Tell them that their dear son has fallen to the building and died. The police believe this is only a simple suicide case.
As a result, they were heartbroken to fly to San Francisco and, under the guidance of the police, to the Peace room to identify their son's body.
That is indeed their son, but he was surprised that he had only one arm and one leg.

The parents in the story are the same as most of us. It is easy to love people with good looks or funny conversations, but it is too difficult to like people who make us inconvenient and unhappy. We always prefer to stay away from people who are not as healthy, beautiful, or smart as we are. But thanks to God, some will not be so cruel to us. They will love us with no regrets, no matter how bad we are, always willing to accept us.

Pray to God before you fall asleep tonight. Please give us the power to accept others, no matter what they are. Please help us understand those who are different from us. Everyone has a magical thing called friendship in their hearts. You don't know how it happened, but you know that it will always bring us special gifts.
You will also understand that friendship is God's most precious gift to us!
Friends are like rare treasures. They bring laughter and inspire us to succeed.
They listen to us and share each word of praise with us.
Their hearts are always open for us. Tell your friends how much you care about them.
Take this article Article Forward to all people you think are friends.
If this article comes back, you will know that you have friends for a lifetime.
Imagine: you may feel deeply after reading it all the way.
Before deciding and judging others, first consider whether this is a "misunderstanding". Then, consider whether you must pin this "nail 」, if you can, please "Take it easy 」. Because, when you are "loose" to others, you are loose to yourself.

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