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The software for network file synchronization has already introduced two free tools, Dropbox and syncplicity, in different dimensions. Today, I will continue to introduce sugarsync, another excellent synchronization software. In addition to not supporting Linux, it has gathered almost all directors and is a highly recommended service. Sugarsync is a product from sharpcast network storage company in California. It provides 2g free network hard disk space (recommended for friend registration to increase your free space, it is easy to have more than 10 Gb space), with automatic data backup, synchronization, sharing and other functions, you can easily synchronize your specified directory to your sugarsync Network Disk. I believe that my friends who know Dropbox or syncplicity know the role of these tools.
X-force uses Dropbox to synchronize my data. Source code , Documents, commonly used files at work (like its version control function), and then use sugarsync to synchronize my photos (several GB) and some folders to be backed up, the two tools are used together, which is very powerful. If my hard disk breaks down one day, at least the most important things can be downloaded again, without any worries. In addition, on different computers, I can get what I want at any time. The charm of cloud computing ......
Sugarsync is the same as Dropbox. When you edit a file or change the directory file structure, all changes will be automatically backed up to the network. Sugarsync's storage space is stable, reliable, and secure, and has certain file sharing functions.
The free account of sugarsync supports synchronization between two computers and the network hard disk space. In addition to the PC Client/Mac client provided by sugarsync, users can also access the client through mobile phones such as iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile. (X-force has tried the iPhone client. It is awesome, very beautiful, and practical. It can easily synchronize the photos of the mobile phone to sugarsync, you can also download files on sugarsync or send them to your friends by email. This is better than Dropbox and syncplicity! According to the official Dropbox news, their iPhone applications are also under development. I have never used any other mobile phone version, but I believe it should be similar .)
In addition to the initial 2g space for registration, you can also invite friends to join in to obtain an additional MB space. Click here for registration to start the sugarsync application process, and at the same time bring me a m friend recommendation reward first fill in the email and password, and select a domain name, such. After the application is successful, you will receive a personal domain name in format.
Next, return to the mailbox to receive the verification email. At the same time, the system will prompt you to download the client. You can download it at the end of this article. After downloading and installing the client, you must specify at least one local synchronization folder, as shown in figure. I used sugarsync to synchronize the folders of my homework and documents at school.
After the initial folder is specified, a message such as "sugarsync" is displayed, prompting you to synchronize files of about 2 to 3G every day at normal network speeds; when running sugarsync synchronization in the background, the running of the foreground software is basically not affected (I do feel like this through my own use, it will not be particularly difficult); when the user shuts down the computer, the next restart will continue the synchronization task.
The following is the main interface for the software to run. You can add files to be synchronized at any time, and the system will synchronize them immediately (the progress bar and status are at the bottom of the software ). When the main window is closed, the software runs automatically in the background and the console icon is displayed on the system tray.
If you want to use your files on a computer that has not been installed or is inconvenient to install the client, you can log on to the webpage version of sugarsync. For example, you can effectively organize and share the files, music, and photos you have synchronized with your friends, or download your own files.
I am synchronizing my photo folder, which has more than 6 GB, And the upload speed is kept at 3x ~ 5x kb/s is the normal upload speed of my 2 m ADSL. At the same time, when I do other things in the uploading, I don't feel the system has any burden, and it is as smooth as it is, this is also commendable! If you do not need to synchronize files on multiple computers, sugarsync is also useful as a file backup tool. At least I think this is a service worthy of my payment, let alone it can be used for free. In addition, the official website also provides a feature comparison table with services such as Dropbox and mobileme. You can check it out.
Due to a large number of network synchronization tools, X-force has introduced three models. You may want to know which one is the best? In fact, what tools you choose depends on your actual needs. What suits you is the best. You should try them yourself and understand their respective advantages and disadvantages before you can make your own judgment.


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