Summary of common IIS website deployment problems (garbled code, server unavailable)

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When deploying a website on IIS, a bunch of garbled characters are running: first, let's look at an image.


Finally, the problem lies in the website attribute settings: (right-click the attributes of the website to be deployed)


  • ASP. NET option:. Net version settings


    When you deploy a website, the. NET version used for development must be consistent or later than the development version. Otherwise, a version conflict and garbled characters may occur.


    The version settings are okay or cannot be run: as shown in Figure


  • Main directory option: Execution permission


    Execution permission: You can set it to "Pure script" or "script and executable file" and set it to "NONE". The above problems will occur.


    It can be understood whether the customer can read or modify the content of the website through the browser (the following are some materials found on the Internet)

    • Read:You can view the file content and attributes.
    • Write:You can change the file content and attributes.
    • Script Resource Access: You can access the source code of the file, such as the script Resource Access Script in the Active Server Pages (ASP) application. This option can be used only when the "read" or "write" permission is assigned. You can access source files. If the read permission is assigned, the source code can be read. If the write permission is assigned, you can also write the source code.
    • Directory browsing:You can view the file list and collection.
    • Record access:Create a log project for each website access. Record access to the index resource allows the Index Service to index the resource.
    • Pure script:A pure script sets the application permission to "Pure script" to allow the application mapped to the script engine to run in this directory without having to have the permissions set for executable files. Setting permissions to "Pure scripts" is more secure than setting them to "scripts and executable files" because you can restrict applications that can run in this directory.
    • Scripts and executable files:Set the application permission to "script and executable file" to allow the application to run in this script and executable file directory, these include applications mapped to the script engine and Windows binary files (. DLL and. EXE file ).

    Conclusion: different error messages will be prompted during deployment. In short, check first.. Net version and execution permission settings (the following are error messages encountered during my deployment, which can be categorized into three categories: Garbled code, server unavailability, and display failure)







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