Summary of December Summary and 2014

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New Year's Day after the holiday, has been out of the poor, leading to their December summary and 2014 summary did not leave the curtain, until now to do a small summary of their own, can not say that they are busy, just to find excuses for their laziness, December himself what to do, now think back up, Happened in the last month, but the memory is very blank, piecemeal, East busy west, do not know what they are doing, can remember is a poor in Guangzhou, and then read a point of Java, there is a book called Writing High-quality code, there is a book called Deep Java Virtual machine, made a few notes, In fact, I did not persevere, but also intermittent to see, and then is to learn a bit about database knowledge: PL/SQL, index, the optimization, the work is to change the point of the system's code, the system has been improved and perfected, it is probably these bar, day after day, self-feeling wasted time just!

Blink of an eye, 2015 January all past more than half, think of their 2014, 365 days and nights, they can recall is still so little, like their first day in 2015 published a said to my 2014 years to do a small summary, that is: hard work, but not enough, Harvest but not much, the idea is more but always the heart, often degenerate also just want to change, bland, muddle through a year. Really is this, mediocrity, flat light, not a lot of harvest can be said. There are a few things that can be left in your memory:

1 March to apply for the driving test, May through the subject of one, July through the subject two, October through the subject three, and then the subject four hung, the end of October through the subject four, the first day in November to get a driver's license

2 March and college roommates climbed a Heng Shan, 5.1 Labor Day our college roommates in Shenzhen, together happy three days, the next day conquered the Indus Mountain in Shenzhen, that is step by step climbed up, and still remember the week after crawling legs are aching unceasingly

3, learned a bit of Android knowledge, may also be the basic knowledge, I did a little demo, and then made a small note, and did not how to perfect it, and then they also seldom take the initiative to learn the knowledge of Android, want to learn but feel insufficient

4, suddenly one day to listen to colleagues talk about the soft test, the next day on the internet a look, also happens to be online registration of the last day, although this soft textual research book for many companies are no use, but they still want to try to test, and then reported a name, then the original intention is to feel the afternoon of the topic is very simple, Then the morning, although the topic is more difficult, comprehensive knowledge, but are the choice of questions, and then holding a trial attitude to the name, bought the software designer's tutorial, also did not see how much, on the battlefield went, after the examination of the morning of the subject is covered, he did not point the bottom, early this year to find results, the morning 45, If according to the previous qualifying line morning 45, afternoon 45, that may be over, if there is a change, it is really their misfortune, the registration fee plus the tutorial costs total added up also has a good hundreds of, blessing through ...

5, bought a few books, "Do not complain of the world" "Tear down the wall of thinking" "because of pain, so called youth" "your loneliness, although defeated Judah" "See" "Pain and happy", have not read

6 April After the final exam, Marxism, June to apply for graduation, but there have been a lot of conditions, and now have not been able to get a diploma, really let me have no language

7, CSDN Blog every month will lose something to go in, has been updated, accompany me to grow, now browsing volume exceeded 220,000, this is the driving force of my struggle, I will continue to strive to add luster to my blog, more technical knowledge points to share to everyone

8, work, the most impression is a business trip, Changsha, Guangzhou, Zhuzhou, Huaihua these places around, but for us to engage in technology, go out and take a look at it is not a pleasure

What other harvest, I really do not know, every day in the muddle of life, more than 2 years of work time, less time to read the passion, less the graduation time of the aggressive, I also feel slowly become the less like himself, accustomed to enjoy the ease, habits of the fallen youth, habits backfired, Habit wasted time, daily work and life, like Walking Dead, nothing to gain. Obviously have a lot of time to learn some of their own knowledge of technology, but always halfway, obviously love their profession, but always do not go to innovate and improve themselves, obviously do not like the ease of doing nothing, but also always insist on; Until now I found that people actually will change, by the environment change, by the people around change, By the reality of change, slowly become themselves do not know themselves, slowly lost the original direction, the previous passion, the former lofty sentiments, the previous blood boiling is almost erased by the reality. Most of the time, I was thinking, 10 years later, what will it be like? Some people say, after graduation years, the gap between people will be more and more big, in fact, the reason is very simple, see you in the 10 years of effort to pay how much, their daily busy, look at the effort, in fact, always feel away from the state of wanting a lot, always said to do the best of their own, but they really did it How much do you get when you sum up your day before you go to bed? The answer to these questions is very clear, I want to change every day, but there is no actual action to pay, and how to talk about the harvest! Listen to a lot of truth, but still bad this life, indeed. I think if I go on like this, I'll be like this all my life ...

I think I should reflect on the reflection, all the way, their true pursuit is what, their inner desire is what, whether they really understand themselves, how to slowly get back to lose their own, this is what I should think about things, may have some things to spend a lot of time and energy to know, may this life can not find the answer, What you can do is to slowly grope the way forward and try to change the status quo! My 2015, at least, should know clearly the following several things:

1, action, Action, action, any imaginary ideas are nonsense, do not sloganeering slogans, action to prove everything

2, let oneself every day to enrich some, let the goal from oneself more close some

3, a little wasted time, slowly find their own

People live, there is one thing is to learn to Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving around those who appear, although some only in the memory of the deep stay soon, some may also be hurried passers-by, but still have to thank them for their appearance, let me life on the road more together a beautiful scenery, 2015, is my SpongeBob, Hope that everything can be well, hope that family and friends health and safety, of course, their own age is not small, I hope to find understand my life companion!

2015, change the self, the way forward, continue to work, refueling, I am harderxin,i must hard to do myselef ....

Summary of December Summary and 2014

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