Summary of earthquake-affected nuclear power plants in Japan

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Xinhuanet, Beijing, March 15-according to the data of the World Nuclear Industry Federation, before the earthquake, Japan had 18 nuclear power plants and 55 reactors nationwide, providing about 30% of the country's electricity supply. After the earthquake, Japan's affected nuclear power plants received much attention. The following information is as of the 15th day:

  I. Affected nuclear power plants:

Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant, Fukushima No. 2 Nuclear Power Plant, nvcheon nuclear power plant, and Donghai second nuclear power plant.

  Ii. Status Quo of affected nuclear power plants:

  A. the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant was most seriously affected, and four of the six units were affected.

Unit 1: on October 12, it was confirmed that the core fuel of the reactor began to melt. The staff adopted the method of releasing steam in the reactor container and injecting it into the sea to reduce the pressure and reduce the temperature. hydrogen explosion occurred on the afternoon of the same day, however, the containers for storing the reactors were not damaged by the explosion. On that night, the destruction of the fuel rod was initially curbed.

Unit 2: on the 12th, the staff began to release the steam in the reactor container. On the 14th, the cool-down capability of the reactor was lost, and the staff began to inject sea water into the heap to reduce pressure, however, the fuel rod is still in use for a while.
Completely exposed to the water, the peripheral radiation dose increased, and the core may have been partially damaged. An explosion was reported on the morning of the 15th. Preliminary analysis showed that the control pressure vessel in the nuclear reactor may be damaged.

Unit 3: on October 13, the cooling system of the reactor failed and the exhaust water was injected. on October 14, a hydrogen explosion similar to Unit 1 occurred, and the building where the reactor was located was damaged, partial melting of the core fuel of the reactor, but the possibility of damage to the containers where the reactors are placed is very small; on the 15th, there was white steam above the reactor building, and the radiation near the unit was as high as 400 million sifier per hour.

Unit 4: on the 12th, the cooling function was lost. On the 15th, the Japanese Cabinet Chief Cabinet, Mr. koy Chi, said that a small-scale hydrogen explosion may occur in Unit 4, which caught fire, but it would not be a nuclear fuel fire.

  B. There are 4 units in the Fukushima 2nd nuclear power plant.

On the 12th, units 1, 2, and 4 were in an emergency and began to release steam in the reactors. On the 15th, units 1, 2, and 4 have entered a stable State. Units 3 have been successfully cooled down, And the Fukushima 2nd nuclear power plant has completely escaped the emergency state.

C. There were three units in the nvchuan Nuclear Power Plant, of which only a fire occurred on the ground floor of the turbine Data Center of Unit 1 on the 11th day, but no radioactive pollution was caused to the outside, and no accidents occurred to the remaining units. 13th,
The radiation in the surrounding area of the nvchuan nuclear power plant is normal. Previously, the radioactive substances detected around the site exceeded the standard, which was reported to be related to the explosion of the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant.

D. The second nuclear power plant in the East China Sea has only one unit. On the 11th, the operation of the reactors stopped and the water pump continued to start. on the 13th, the cooling pump of one of the two cooling systems failed. On the 14th, the system re-obtained the external power supply, it is expected to enter a stable low temperature state in the near future, instead of an emergency diesel generator to cool down the reactor temperature.

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