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I. Exchange 2000/2003 Server Video Recording

1. ExchangeServerData Protection Best Practices 

Master     Lecture:Hu YiMicrosoft's most valuable expertSpecial Microsoft lecturer
Lecture content:
Ideally, exchangeThere is no problem at all. However, we live in a world filled with various software, hardware, viruses, and hackers, so we will inevitably encounter variousExchangeConfiguration problems. To help you meetSLAIn the event of a fault, it is critical to shorten the recovery time as much as possible. This topic mainly introduces and demonstratesThe basic technology of exchange data protection improves everyone's ability to respond to crisis.
This is MicrosoftTechnetA content of the Chinese network broadcast, involving exchangeServer database composition, service relevance, exchangeServer backup and restoration, data recovery and other content, moderate depth, is the majority of exchangeThe server administrator must watch a good video. Download and watch!

2. Correctly configure the IM service in exchange(New)

Master  Lecture:Lin XinhuaSenior lecturerShanghai wangbo Advanced Technology Education Center
Lecture content:WindowsWith the launch of Windows XP, messenger has become increasingly popular in the enterprise environment as instant messaging creates more opportunities for employees and external partners. However, some enterprises prohibit external IM services for security reasons. Microsoft hasNetMessengerService) and Enterprise Instant Messaging Service (MicrosoftExchange2000ImServer. This course mainly introduces exchange2000How to deploy IM services, including ad, DNS, exchangeManager configuration, and detailed descriptions of common im settings in various forums.

3. Use exchangeServer2003 block Spam(New)

Master   Lecture:Jia xuanTechnical expert of Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd.
Lecture content:Spam has become an important problem in the informatization construction of enterprises. The fight against spam is a long-lasting and arduous battle. You may be harassed by spam every day, but do you know? You may be able to effectively reduce the spread of spam by making full and reasonable use of your email system. In this lecture, we will introduce the latest message Collaboration Server of Microsoft from principle to practice.ExchangeServer2003To help you use the built-in features of this product to cut off the penetration of spam into your system through multiple channels and means. The content mainly includes:
1.Send connection-Based Filtering
2.Sender-Based Filtering
3.Recipient-Based Filtering
4.Content-Based Filtering-ExchangeSmart message Filter

4. ExchangeServer2003 new function demonstration)

Speaker: Zhou LihuaMicrosoft silver Certified lecturerShanghai LiTaO Software
 MicrosoftExchangeServer2003Is based onMicrosoftExchange2000ServerThe Code has provided many new functions and improvements in terms of reliability, manageability, and security. This lecture mainly describes exchange in two aspects.2003. New features for the client: optimized Outlook2003 "experience/OWAMore likeOutlook/more for MigrationThe options for dynamic access and synchronization areItNew features provided by managers: triggering the next wave of server consolidation/Major security improvements/Superior reliability and cluster functions ø easy deployment and upgrade.

II. WindowsServer2000/2003 and other video recordings

1. Windows2003Video Recording of cluster technology applications

2. SharePointPortal2003 custom Video Recording

3. Use ad to Enhance Enterprise Network Security video recording

4. ActiveDirectoryTroubleshooting (new)

5. Active Directory disaster recovery (new)

1. The content of this post is from technet.Chinese network broadcast.
2. We will occasionally update the most recent stream downloads. Because the video files occupy a large amount of space, I will also delete the old downloads. Please download them in time. For the latest release, please go to the following address:

Exchange/WindowsServer video download Summary (latest update)

3. We recommend that you participate more in technet.Improve yourself by using Chinese network broadcast. 

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