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In the face of rapid changes in the market, enterprise strategic applications must have a new vision. First, enterprises need to build new and innovative applications, which can not only drive the development of enterprises, but also enhance and expand the existing application combinations of enterprises. Furthermore, enterprises need to make informed strategic plans, neither introducing new technologies and platforms nor abandoning reliable and mature Client/Server architectures. Enterprises need the maximum degree of freedom to select the most appropriate platform for applications and users. In addition, complex computing environments require good and efficient development practices, not only do you need to support uncounting application servers, Web servers, browsers, web services, and business rules-but you also need to face constant changes.

Of course, reducing development costs is also an extremely important issue. The economic pressure is compressing budget preparation and staffing, but the demand for IT professionals is growing. How can we reduce the cost in the early and middle stages of development? Bottom line requirements for enterprise and commercial application developers cannot be lowered. Enterprises need a high-speed integrated development environment, which can give enterprises the highest efficiency, reliability, functionality and flexibility. In addition, it also supports various client selection, changing business processes, and rapidly developing technical platforms. Sybase PowerBuilder is an open rad integrated development environment (IDE) suitable for all application architectures ). With PowerBuilder, enterprises can access many object models, communicate with standard protocols, and configure them on multiple platforms.

[Product Overview]

Sybase PowerBuilder (PB), as a development tool for "quickly building commercial applications", was launched in 1991 and caused a sensation in the industry. IDC calls it a "golden standard"-a benchmark for measuring all application development tools. Previously, PowerBuilder 8.0 was well received by users. Currently, Sybase, the world's leading provider of data management and enterprise integration solutions, strives for perfection. It once again launched a new PowerBuilder 9.0 for the majority of enterprises, based on the original Pb 8.0, this latest version provides a more open development environment and extends many new features, including the following:

● Rad javasever page (JSP) targets-developers can use wizards and other RAD tools to quickly develop and deploy a set of JSP Network Application Systems

● Web Services-developers can create, publish, and complete network service systems in Microsoft. Net or other architecture environments without having to have a deep background in the SOAP protocol or WSDL.

● XML datawindow-you can input data directly from an XML document or store the data recovered from any data source as a fully customized XML document, it can also be stored as a formatted object in PDF or XSL.

● Powebuilder Native Interface-by bundling a C ++ standard supplement, it greatly extends the powerbuilder application development function, calls its method in the system, and uses JNI, java applications can also communicate with pbvm.

● Third-party application servers-in addition to the existing Sybase EAServer support, PowerBuilder can also support BEA WebLogic Server TM, IBM WebSphere, and other J2EE Application Development servers.

● The PowerBuilder Document Object Model -- the Sybase product executes the Document Object Module (DOM) that can store or operate XML files ). This function (pbdom) is used to read, write, and operate XML in standard format from the powerscript source code.

● PDF report generaton -- provides two methods for saving datawindow objects so that they can directly generate reports in pdf format. This extraction method is applied by default and can save all types of datawindow objects.

● Source control enhancements-helps developers manage large-scale PowerBuilder projects more effectively and achieve closer integration with rational clearcase and merant PVCs.

● Orcascript utility-the orca application can be called in a natural language similar to English. The new source control integration can directly generate the target object based on the source control.


(1) Advanced 4 glplus Basics

Powerbuilder9.0 is the industry's first "4glplus" platform. Its release predicts the beginning of 4glplus. PowerBuilder 9.0 4 glplus provides a variety of new development functions and integration features, suitable for: J2EE, Microsoft.. net, Client/Server, web server, language integration, design/modeling synchronization, N-layer structure, version control, script, and so on. In combination with all of these features, powerbuilder9.0 provides developers with unprecedented flexibility to apply the right architecture and development patterns to the right applications. Powerbuilder9.0 allows users to quickly create and configure persistent enterprise-level or business-level applications, and change existing business models by increasing revenue, improving user efficiency, enhancing customer services, and working closely with partners.

(2) diverse Applicability

● Expand the user's client/server combination

For critical applications, there are no fixed programs. How can we cope with these unavoidable changes? Using PowerBuilder Native Interface (pbni), a new and powerful application programming interface is provided. Use pbni to extend the functionality and vitality of existing Powerbuilder applications to C ++ and Java programs, opening a new world and market for them. Now, you can bring the "maintained" client/server programs into a brand new environment that was previously unattainable.

● Successful use of N-tier and Web architecture

The accuracy, capability, speed, and simplicity of PowerBuilder are fully applied to Web and distributed applications. Users can bring their programs, users, and skills into web and distributed computing without having to discard anything. Use the complicated datawindows that you have created or create a new datawindows in the new web application. You only need to drag the mouse to create complex SQL statements. The powerful thin client application generated will provide users with familiar data operations, verification, formatting, and presentation methods. Now, the user can support a mixture of different types of clients/servers, N-layer structures, and web programs-a reasonable mix-but only a powerful integrated development environment: powerBuilder.

● Microsoft. NET and J2EE preparation

PowerBuilder 9.0 marks the first support for Microsoft. NET and is integrated with powerful J2EE at a higher level. As the first stage of integration with. net, PowerBuilder 9.0 can generate and use Web Services, which allows. Net programmers to take full advantage of the advantages of datawindow and datastore models. In the future, integration plans with. NET will include the ability to compile msil code and enable programmers to build. NET applications using built-in controls such as previews and tabs.

Through close integration with Sybase EAServer, PowerBuilder can support J2EE development and configuration. In the latest version, PowerBuilder helps users create applications that can access any J2EE-compatible Application Server (including IBM WebSphere Application Server, BEA WebLogic Server, and other J2EE application servers) you can also use the PowerBuilder web service. You can also use PowerBuilder to create a rad-type assumerver pages (JSP) application. To integrate the powerbuilder application with the J2EE or. NET Framework, you can use the web services function of PowerBuilder.

(3) achieve excellent results through integrated development and design

Sybase PowerBuilder is more closely integrated with Sybase powerdesigner to provide high accuracy, speed, and intelligence for client/server development. It redesigned the existing application logic, changed it in powerdesigner to support new business requirements, and reflected these changes in the powerbuilder application. This reduces the time and cost required to maintain and expand client/server applications.

Powerdesigner provides a new function to extract all objects and code from PowerBuilder 9.0, instead of NVO. This greatly simplifies the maintenance of existing applications, even if the original developers have left the company, there is no need to worry. More importantly, powerdesigner allows users to extend old Pb applications to New Architectures-even if those programs are not written in accordance with object-oriented principles. The smoother the combination of PowerBuilder and powerdesigner, the longer the 4 glplus development plan is.

(4) Increasing powerful functions

PowerBuilder 9.0 has many new-generation development functions at the cutting-edge technology, which can push program development to a higher level.

● PowerBuilder Document Object Model

PowerBuilder's Document Object Model (pbdom) is a complete API for creating, reading, writing, and operating XML documents by using standard powerscript. Based on Non-visualized classes, pbdom is built using PowerBuilder Native Interface Technology.

● XML datawindow

Datawindow is a patented PowerBuilder technology that integrates the powerful functions of XML into development projects. A New View of datawindow painter graphically constructs an XML template as part of the datawindow object. These templates can import or export XML data in various traditional architectures. The datawindow demo can also be saved as a XSL-FO for describing page reports, printing, and XML-to-PDF applications.

● Rad assumerver pages

PowerBuilder 9.0 includes a convenient development environment for compiling JSP web applications. It can automate many development tasks and allow you to configure web applications. You can directly configure the JSP web target from PowerBuilder to EAServer or tomcat, and a command line option allows you to configure it to other popular JSP containers.

● Web Service wizard

The Web Service Wizard of PowerBuilder ide creates a proxy object or a traditional tag library that contains necessary information for calling Web services from Powerbuilder applications or JSP pages. Web services are the first phase in several phases that support the Microsoft. NET Framework Plan.

● IDE for next-generation applications

Sybase has been developing cutting-edge standards for excellent integrated development environments for many years. Currently, with version 9.0, Sybase has contributed the power to grow exponentially (ide2) across the boundaries between development steps, styles (paradigms), and platforms, and once again announced its commitment to continue leading the rapid development of applications.


With Powerbuilder 9.0, PowerBuilder developers can use the latest application technologies and lay the foundation for establishing native interfaces in different languages and development environments. Extends the support of PowerBuilder for interoperability standards, establishes transparent associations with deployment environments (WebSphere, 9iAS, and WebLogic), and leads the development environment platform (Java and.. Net), Sybase will maintain the advantage of PowerBuilder.

Stephen D. hendrick pointed out that "the application development solutions favored by professional developers must be easy to use, efficient, and can be combined with a variety of architectures and development tools. PowerBuilder 9.0 integrates new and powerful functions to meet different needs of various major development environments ." Indeed,

For Sybase and PowerBuilder developers, PowerBuilder 9.0 is an important version because it has the necessary features, to ensure that PowerBuilder and PowerBuilder developers can obtain the current support for mainstream application development methods. For the prospects of PowerBuilder 9.0, IDC said: "I believe that this important solution can win a unified development tool market ."


To meet the increasing needs of users' mobile commerce activities, Sybase recently announced that the PowerBuilder (PB) series will release the pocket powerbuilder1.0 beta version. Pocket powerbuilder1.0 is a new type of Rapid Application Development Tool. It provides the industry's first efficient mobile application development platform-4gl IDE. In addition, pocket pb1.0 is closely integrated with Sybase's cutting-edge mobile commerce database and enterprise synchronization solution SQL ianywhere studio, and extends the powerful Sybase datawindow function to the mobile application development environment, this greatly improves the development speed of Wince applications based on mobile, handheld, and wireless enterprises.

The pocket pb1.0 test has the following new features:

● Provides the industry's first efficient mobile application development platform-4gl IDE. Its functions and performance are comparable to those of 4glplus.

● Extend the powerful functions of Sybase datawindow to the mobile development environment. Developers can easily access data display formats and data operations without coding.

● Tightly integrated with SQL ianywhere studio, which effectively simplifies the development of database-based mobile enterprise applications.

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