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Although there are no books, you can find the corresponding tools on the network according to the directory for development.

Part 1 code writing
1. Create an ASP. NET application
1.0 Overview
1.1 use ASP. NET Atlas to build complex Ajax applications
1.2 use anthem. Net to add Ajax Functions
1.3 add Ajax functions with Ajax. net
1.4 Use urlrewritingnet. urlrewrite to generate user-friendly URLs
1.5 Use busyboxdotnet to display the "Please wait" dialog box
1.6 use CSS friendly control adapters to generate clean HTML output
1.7 use freetextbox to increase the word processing capability for Applications
1.8 create charts with the webchart Control
1.9 use RSS toolkit to receive and generate RSS feed (feed/feed out)
1.10 more information
2. Use Windows form
2.0 Overview
2.1 use XP common controls to get the appearance of Windows XP
2.2 Use dockpanel suite to create a berthing window
2.3 use kryton toolkit to create a professional user interface
2.4 use control spy to learn more about Windows controls
2.5 more information
3 development with. Net 3.0 (also known as winfx)
3.0 Overview
3.1 Use expression graphic designer to create excellent visibility for the Application
3.2 use interactive designer to create a winfx user interface without writing code
3.3 compile XAML in xamlpad
3.4 use service configuration editor to exempt xml configuration files
3.5 use service trace viewer to decrypt WCF logs
3.6 use development tools for winfx in Visual Studio
Develop winfx applications
3.7 more information
4. Use the code library
4.0 Overview
4.1 Use nxbre to external business rules
4.2 Use log4net for non-stop Diagnosis
4.3 search data with Lucene. net
4.4 use LibCheck to identify the changes between different versions of the Assembly
4.5 compare the Assembly with reflector. Diff
4.6 use netsprell in windows and Web applications for spelling checks
4.7 use nplot to quickly create and draw charts
4.8 use nsort for Sorting Algorithm in C #
4.9 create an RSS feed using RSS. net
4.10 use sharpziplib to use zip, Gzip,
Tar and Bzip2 files
4.11 use excelxmlwriter to generate an Excel file from the Code (No Excel)
4.12 create a PDF with itextsharp
4.13 more information
5. generate code
5.0 Overview
5.1 use mygeneration to automatically generate code
5.2 use codus to generate a data access layer
5.3 compile a web service contract with wscf
5.4 use xsd.exe to generate a datasets with a powerful XML mode and type
5.5 use xsdobjectgenerator for contract-preferred XML Development
5.6 more information
6. write code
6.0 Overview
6.1 use Visual Studio express to develop. Net Applications
6.2 use sharpdevelop to develop. Net Applications
6.3 use monodevelop to develop mono applications on Linux and Mac OS X
6.4 Use snippet compiler to create independent code segments
6.5 use notepad2 to process small tasks
6.6 use the regulator to manage Regular Expressions
6.7 use regulazy to create a regular expression
6.8 more information
7. Create a document
7.0 Overview
7.1 use ghostdoc to describe the source code
7.2 use cr_javasentor to view documents in Visual Studio
7.3 create professional documents with ndoc
7.4 print the PDF document with the volume creator
7.5 create a faq with skmfaqs
7.6 more information
8. Enhance Visual Studio
8.0 Overview
8.1 use coolcommands to improve efficiency
8.2 powertoy for class and distributed systems designers
Improved Visual Studio designers
8.3 use vsfilefinder to quickly open a file
8.4 use pinvoke. Net to manage unmanaged APIs.
8.5 use HTML/ASP. NET spell checker to append ASP. NET and
Check spelling in HTML
8.6 use vswindowmanager to quickly switch between windows
8.7 use the style in the append of copysourceashtml Visual Studio
Write code into a blog or send an email
8.8 use CSS Properties window to edit CSS in Visual Studio
8.9 apply web application projects to Visual Studio 2005
8.10 use content installer power toys to share the benefits of Visual Studio
8.11 more information
Part 2 check the code
9 analyze code
9.0 Overview
9.1 use peli's reflector addins to check complexity and relevance
9.2 use sourcemonitor to check the complexity of source code
9.3 use cr_metrics to analyze code in Visual Studio
9.4 use ndepend to find the relevance complexity of the Code
9.5 use fxcop to write better code
9.6 more information
10 testing software
10.0 Overview
10.1 nunit unit test code
10.2 progress of testing with nunit code snippets Acceleration
10.3 use mbunit to write advanced unit test code
10.4 use zanebug to get more information from the test code
10.5 use fitnesse to bring customers into the test process
10.6 ncover analysis unit test coverage
10.7 code coverage analysis using ncoverexplorer
10.8 integrate unit tests into Visual Studio with testdriven. net
10.9 integrate virtual objects into the test with nmock 2.0
10.10 use Rhino. mocks to create powerful virtual objects
10.11 unit test on GUI with nunitforms
10.12 use ntime to create a performance benchmark
10.13 use selenium core to automatically test Web Applications
10.14 use watir to automatically drive web applications
10.15 more information
Part 3 run the Development Project
11 use the source code control system
11.0 Overview
11.1 use SVN 1-click setup to quickly install Subversion
11.2 use tortoisecvs and tortoisesvn to access subversion and CVS
11.3 use ankhsvn to use subversion within Visual Studio
11.4 use sourcesafe binding remover to delete the bundle of visual source safe
11.5 compare files with winmerge
11.6 More Information
12. Build and use continuous integration processes and deploy applications
12.0 Overview
12.1 create a consistent build with Nant
12.2 Automatic Build Process with msbuild
12.3 build. NET 1.1 assembly with msbee in msbuild
12.4 use msbuild community tasks to extend the msbuild Function
12.5 use msbuild sidekick to intuitively manage the Build Process
12.6 use cruisecontrol. Net to shorten the development cycle
12.7 use CI factory to reduce the burden of implementing a continuous integration process
12.8 use unleash it to simplify Web Application Deployment
12.9 use web deployment projects to ease the burden of deploying web applications
12.10 use Wix to create an installation project
12.11 more information
13. Strengthen Team Cooperation
13.0 Overview
13.1 improve internal communication and cooperation with Basecamp
13.2 use Community Server to create an online community
13.3 use subtext to create a blog
13.4 online collaboration with flexwiki
13.5 use remote assistanc of XP to drive another remote PC
13.6 chat with colleagues via Skype
13.7 use Gaim to talk to anyone
13.8 basic users of the management team using the TFS administration tool
13.9 more information
14. Track bugs, changes, and other problems
14.0 Overview
14.1 use bugtracker. Net to implement basic defect Tracker
14.2 use codetrack to process medium-scale projects
14.3 run the enterprise BUG Tracking System with Bugzilla
14.4 use TRAC to manage projects
14.5 more information
Part 4 Code and application troubleshooting
15 Fault Diagnosis and debugging
15.0 Overview
15.1 use Filemon to monitor file access in the system
15.2 use tcpview to identify TCP port and Endpoint Problems
15.3 use regmon to check which registry is being accessed
15.4 use process explorer to better observe PROCESSES IN THE SYSTEM
15.5 use CLR spy to study the interaction between CLR, pinvoke, and COM of your program
15.6 use CLR profiler to track memory allocation issues
15.7 debug applications deployed with clrdump
15.8 use managed stack explorer to debug suspended programs and monitoring processes
15.9 check the communication between HTTP and fiddler
15.10 use pingplotter freeware to identify network problems
15.11 use logparser to view logs
15.12 simplify debugging with Visual Studio 2005 visualizers
15.13 use nprof to find the bottleneck
15.14 more information
16 use the anti-compiler and fuzzy tool
16.0 Overview
16.1 use ildasm to check normal sites
16.2 use reflector to analyze the Assembly
16.3 use DOTNET il editor to debug. Net assembly without source code
16.4 use dotfuscator to prevent code reverse operations
16.5 more information
Part 5 coding tools
17. Enhanced Security
17.0 Overview
17.1 use Threat Analysis & modeling tools to analyze threats to programs
17.2 protect communication with bouncy castle cryptography APIs
17.3 use anti-Cross Site Scripting library to reduce XSS attacks
17.4 use privbar to enhance the security permissions of Explorer windows
17.5 use makemeadmin. CMD to open the command line window with the admin permission
17.6 more information
18 build applications on the Framework
18.0 Overview
18.1 use Enterprise Library to reuse professional infrastructure
18.2 use dotnetnuke to create web applications and systems
18.3 use smart device framework to improve smart device development
18.4 use mono to build and deploy cross-platform. Net Applications
18.5 use Rotor for in-depth research framework
18.6 use Castle Monorail to simplify web development
18.7 use Castle Windsor container to obtain the overall decomposition structure
18.8 use picocontainer. Net to improve code design and testability
18.9 more information
19 use XML
19.0 Overview
19.1 use n1_t2 to convert XML documents
19.2 use exml to display XML on the Web
19.3 use xinclude. Net to build a composite XML document
19.4 reference part of the XML document using xpointer. net
19.5 use exslt. Net to extend XSLT processing
19.6 compare and perform unit tests using XML diff and patch
19.7 more information
Part 6 use the database
20 interaction with databases
20.0 Overview
20.1 use to find the correct connection string
20.2 use SQL server connection string builder to quickly create an SQL connection string
20.3 use SQLite administrator to manage SQLite Databases
20.4 use Oracle Developer Tools in Visual Studio to use Oracle
20.5 use oracle SQL developer to manage Oracle databases
20.6 more information
21 study object/relationship ing
21.0 Overview
21.1 map objects to the database with nhib.pdf (or how to save writing data access code)
21.2 use npersist to map Business Objects
21.3 using objectmapper reduces the burden of creating an O/RM file
21.4 simplify data access with Castle activerecord
21.5 more information
Part 7 Miscellaneous
22. Enhanced web development
22.0 Overview
22.1 eliminate web troubles with Web Developer extension for Firefox
22.2 use Web Developer toolbar for Internet Explorer to debug web pages
22.3 use web development helper to diagnose JavaScript and Ajax
22.4 use drip to eliminate Memory leakage in Internet Explorer
22.5 use Dom helper to debug the running Web Page
22.6 check the web page with W3C markup validation service
22.7 use webxact to check Web website accessibility
22.8 use HTML tidy to clear html
22.9 more information
23 use Windows tools to improve efficiency
23.0 Overview
23.1 use slickrun Quick Start tool and web site
23.2 highlight content with zoomit
23.3 use magniixer to reach the appropriate details
23.4 decompress the compressed file of the Windows installer package with less msierables
23.5 use filezilla to operate FTP more efficiently
23.6 use command prompt here to open the shell as needed
23.7 screen capture with Cropper
23.8 use colormania to obtain the color value
23.9 use powershell to apply. net to the command line
23.10 using powershell ide to eliminate most of powershell's difficulties
23.11 use taskswitchxp to manage and switch tasks
23.12 synchronize and maintain data with synctoy
23.13 use unlocker to solve the locking Problem
23.14 use cygwin to apply the POSIX simulation environment to Windows
23.15 more information

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