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Our class according to the layout of the school, stopped a classmate on the Internet playing computer games time of action statistics, the statistical consequences are as follows:

There are 3 people who don't play computer games, 7.5% of the total number of the class, they do not play computer games because they do not touch the premise of computer games, so the computer game is not very interesting; the chance to play the game of 16 people, accounting for the total number of 40% of the class, they accidentally play the game is to grasp the oneself, Because playing games can get them out of the busy learning career; often play the game has 15 people, accounting for the total number of 37.5% of the class, they are due to be able to find in the game in the ideal career no comfort, can also be in the twists and turns of the time to borrow games to vent, from the game of the Unreal world so I lose out 6 people who play the game every day, 15% of the class number, this part of the classmate is basically more learning results than poor, these schoolmates a bit like Lu Xun teacher "Ah Q Zheng" in the protagonist Ah Q, wish I can from the game of the virtual world, lost in the ideal career in the sense of accomplishment, after the game gained "Success", to understand the fun of team, contentment I lost my mind, and show that I in the ideal can not be recognized by others. You see, I can surpass any one who is stronger than me, I am the best and the most ferocious.

From the above statistics, we found that most of the class have played a collection of games, and the results of the poor classmate, play collection game longer. This clarifies a result, on the online play games, not only about our learning, growth without assistance, but also waste our precious study, because our children's self-control ability is very poor, once addicted to addiction, will be unable to extricate themselves, this will destroy my life.

"Advised you to cherish the golden wisp of clothing, advised you to take the youth when." Here, I urge everyone: go back to the ideal, try to learn, I believe I just do my best, in the study is bound to do. Cherish my boyhood, precious time to learn more about my common sense, this is the development of our well-being in the process of the necessary nutrients, must not immerse in collecting games ah. "Juvenile don't know All Stars to", then can too late.

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