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As we all know, proud browser has many practical functions. In the new edition (V2.5.1) "Proud tour" inside, there is such a very useful function-screen capture.

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Figure 1: Proud browser Screen capture toolbar

I believe friends have used the screenshot of QQ, but he only applies to the screenshot of the desktop, and for some special needs, such as full-screen screen screenshots and so on can not meet the needs of users! But this screenshot of the proud tour can be easily done, quite convenient and intelligent!

Proud browser screenshot features not only to meet all the desktop based screenshots, to browse the Web, video playback of screenshots and so on, suitable for network masters, professional designers, and ordinary users can easily get started. Its succinct operation and the process, lets you when grasps the picture the time coherent!

The following I will give you a proud browser screenshot full Raiders:

1. A variety of screenshot methods:

Proud of the Screen screenshot tool, in addition to the "regional screenshots" like QQ, but also support "Full-screen screenshot" "Window screenshot" "Current page screenshot" "All Page screenshot", a total of five models, free to choose.

Figure 2: Proud browser screen capture function

★ Area screenshot: This and QQ screenshot function is the same, click on the browser "screen capture" selected "area screenshot", and then the browser page will immediately become gray, then click on the mouse to circle, circle after the completion of double click the left mouse button to confirm, cancel the circle right mouse button directly.

Figure 3: Proud Browser screenshot information

When you cut the election, the information box next to display detailed current parameters: including screenshots when the mouse position coordinates, picture size, operation shortcuts, etc., for the web design or art friends, the top display of the current color of the four color mode, is very professional and practical.

Area screenshots not only in the browser is very practical, in the usual screenshots are also good, and then with the region screenshot shortcut key Ctrl + F1, you can respond to all the usual needs of screenshots.

★ Full-screen screenshot: Refers to the entire screen of the computer. Activate you need Full-screen screenshot of the window, such as only to intercept the desktop, you can minimize so the window, back to the desktop, with the Proud browser full screen screenshot shortcut keys (the default shortcut key to empty, need to set the center in the Pride of the setting of Full-screen screenshot shortcut key) can be easy to the entire window

Full screen screenshot, you can easily catch a key screen, to ensure the integrity of the entire display, eliminating the whole screen when you operate the mouse error.

★ Window Screenshot: Screenshot of the current active window, including the definition area that can be identified by the screenshot (that is, the area where the screenshot tool can be activated), he can be a browser window, a block of the page, can be the entire desktop, a software interface or specific to a button, for friends with special needs, very practical.

★ Current Page Screenshot: Screenshot of the current display of the browser, excluding the browser frame and not showing the page area, and automatically to the browser current page title as the filename, to remind users to save, easy to use later, very intelligent and fool.

★ All Page Screenshots: As the name implies is to intercept the current browser open so the page, the scope for the browser display area, after the interception of automatic naming save, named Way very intelligent, Format: Date + detailed time + site title. For example, the browser currently opens 5 pages, selects all screenshots of the page and chooses to save the location, automatically saves 5 screenshots of each page according to the naming rules.

2. The Concise function screenshot option setting

Proud tour The browser Setup option contains three settings: Copy to clipboard, ask when saving, save to file.

★ Copy to the Clipboard: If this is selected, the screenshot is automatically copied on the Clipboard, you can paste in other locations, but do not prompt to save;

★ Save When asked: If selected, the screenshot will automatically ask you, the picture will be stored folder location, save the time can be manually named pictures;

★ Save to File: If selected, the screenshot is automatically saved to the preset location and automatically named for the captured picture.

3. A variety of picture format screenshots, do not need to convert two times

Support a variety of picture format screenshots, is proud of the screenshot tool a big bright spot, proud browser screenshot tool default support five kinds of most commonly used picture format: JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PNG. The user can choose to save the format freely according to the need, thus enhances the efficiency.

Figure 4: Screen capture options

4. Browser Open plugin Features

Proud of the browser not only itself to do a very powerful, at the same time still with an open mind, to provide users with a wealth of extensible plug-in function, proud browser screenshot function, on the default to provide users with three screenshots of the expansion of the plug-in installation, users need to travel from the official download installation:

Installation method: Browser upper right corner → enhanced → image tool →qq screen (or Tencent TT4.0 screenshot)

Figure 5: Proud Browser Enhancements

As shown above, the official plug-in link, select the required, according to the prompts, download installation can be.

Summary: Proud of the browser with its unique charm, conquered tens of millions of users, not only reflected in the proud browser for everyone to provide efficient, fast browsing experience, but also include screenshots such as tools, seemingly very small, but very clever, very practical functions.

Truly user-centric, to the user to bring the greatest convenience, this is my favorite, I believe that we love the location of the browser proud.

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