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First, basic understanding:

1.SVN(CVS) version control policy:AEmployeesCheck outThe company's version is then modified and then submitted for submission beforeUpdate,Updateafter the latest code for the serverCommitsubmitted. When we have modified the local version, Commit, this time if your code is different from the server, that is, someone hasCommitout, thenSVNwill be quoted as "Out of date"We need to update the local code so that the local code is the same as the server code and thenCommitthisSVNthe server's data will be modified, and here we need toUpdatephase to resolve code conflicts.

Second, service-side configuration

1. Loading of the server (storage source code):1. in the Windows on the following Visual SVN serve configuration, creating Repositories,user

2. use of the service side

Create code base repositories, create user, rights control, user group

User rights control: Right-click Properties Here you can manage groups of users to access specific files for specific people

Group: is a tool used for grouping, can put some specific users in a specific group, control its access to specific content, to achieve the role of permission control

Third, the client software use

1, simple access: Client access to the server, you can enter the server's IP address in the browser can be accessed, but it requires an account

2,MAC command access: First to select a good xcode command line ( location:Xcode Preferences, locations,Xcode is an integrated svn )

3, svn common commands: checkout commit , update  Use the way you learn to use   SVN HELP  view, SVN --HELP  get all commands, SVN HELP  instructions   Get detailed instructions for trial mode

4 svn checkout  [url address ]  [ local archive path ]  Here you can jump right to this directory and then SVN CHECKOUT  --username=123 password=456

SVN commit : The use of this command to note: The first time to use the time to pay attention to the file to be submitted to version control, the specific practice is the svn add file name, add files to the svn version control can be submitted after the submission to pay attention to add notes information, so the specific wording is: SVN commit file - M Note information.

5, Other: can use svn status to view the status of the file, to understand whether the file is submitted or updated, various states view svn help status

How to learn some new instructions, generally is the tool name --help For example, we learn the use of SVN here, we can knock svn--help OK the , Unix some common commands

SVN use notes

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