Take you to the attack pioneer of office password cracking software

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If the advanced Office Password Recovery Hack Office document password is described as a war, the AOPR initial attack must be the pioneer of the war. A preliminary attack is the first attack that AOPR attempts to crack a password, and it is generally first battle. This article will show you how to use the initial attack of office password cracking software .

  How the AOPR attack pioneer works

A preliminary attack is a set of pre-defined attacks, which generally begin to attempt to crack a password when AOPR does not immediately recover it. The initial attack usually has 4 attack steps, in order to find password attack, password cache pre-crack, preliminary dictionary crack, initial brute force hack. In the Advanced Office Password Recovery option Setup card, you can check the steps of the preliminary attack as shown in:


  How to set up a AOPR attack pioneer

Advanced Office Password Recovery Preliminary attack is a set of pre-defined character sets. For example, the initial brute force attack character set consists of two attack parts: digital and Latin script attempts and international character attempts. The "Attacks.xml" document allows users to define their own initial attack character set and language, which is located in the installation directory of Office password cracking software. The "Attacks.xml" document is divided into two parts: the language code and the predefined character set, and all character sets of the document are in Unicode form, so you can define the characters of any country. Displayed for the language code:


In summary, the initial attack is a well-deserved office password cracking software attack pioneer, strong ability to crack, easy to operate.

AOPR Tutorial: http://www.passwordrecovery.cn/support.html

Take you to the attack pioneer of office password cracking software

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