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Although there are some tricks to make Windows Server 2003 more consistent with our habits, but for my rookie, the operation is still quite difficult, there is no simpler, more convenient way to tame it? Yes, that's using Windows Server 2003 Optimize Tool.

The Windows Server 2003 Optimize tool interface, as shown in Figure 1, automatically detects Windows Server 2003 's version number, internal development code, system type, and so on, the most practical of which is the following row of Options page, What can it do to help us? Let's take a look.

Figure 1

1. Clear the Hint information

There are 10 options on the General tab, such as "Disable Shutdown event Tracker", which masks shutdown Event Tracker so that you don't have to choose a nasty shutdown reason when you shut down; "Don ' t need ctrl+alt+ DEL on logon "lets you no longer need to press the" Ctrl+alt+del "key combination when you log in;" Disble Low disk space Warning "The warning message that the disk is severely insufficient will no longer eject;" Remove testing Notice From desktop "You can remove the test words after installing SP1, and if you are using a beta version of Windows Server 2003, the test words on the desktop will also disappear."

2. Display settings

The content on the Display tab is the adjustment used to display the property. "Acceleration", in the Display Properties window, you can adjust it by pressing the "ALT+V" key combination, "DirectX" accelerates, Direct3D accelerates, DirectDraw the Direcex Diagnostic Tools window, AGP Texture acceleration is automatically set and the sound acceleration level of the hardware is adjusted to the full acceleration level; "Enable Themes" is a desktop theme, and "Select Skin" is a different desktop theme.

3. Audio settings

On the Sound tab, you can install the drivers for your audio device, enable the Windows Audio service, and "Maximize Quality" to open the sound and Audio Device Properties window and select the "Put the volume device icon in the taskbar" option. In the future, you can see the volume icon in the system tray, "Volume control" can open the Volume Controls window, the volume, waveform, software synthesizer, line input, CD player, etc. to adjust, here is not much to say.

4. Enhance system function

I think some of the tools provided in the "Other" tab are very practical. As shown in Figure 2, "System Restore" enables you to add System Restore functionality to Widnows Server 2003, and of course you must prepare a Windows XP installation CD-ROM, because this feature is ported from Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 itself does not provide system Restore functionality.

Figure 2

Enable PTP enables the Windows Image Acquistition service so that you can use imaging devices such as digital cameras, scanners, and cameras; enable Cd-rec enables IMAPI cd-burning COM Service, which activates the built-in CD burning feature of Windows Server 2003; "Memory/cpu" actually opens the system Properties → advanced options page and configures the virtual memory and processor program, which is not much to say.

5. Add Games

Because Windows Server 2003 is developed for the server, there is no game component in Windows XP, and although it is just some small game, it always feels like something is missing. Now, just select the favorite game on the "Games" tab and click the Apply button below, and then ask you to insert the Windows XP installation CD and follow the instructions (Figure 3).

Figure 3

6. Service Setup

The Web Edition tab is for the Windows Server 2003 Web Edition version only, and can be Httpfliter, IISADMIN, Srvcsurg, AppMgr, SMTPSVC, Elementmgr, The W3SVC service is configured, or it can block services that are used by all servers.

7. Add components and drivers

On the APPS tab, you can install system components or drivers, such as Java VM, DirectX 9.0b, Messenger, VIA 4in1, Intel drivers, and so on, and friends can choose as needed.

In addition to the above several important options pages, there are some good tools available on the Tools menu, such as "Automatic logon", which allows users to automatically log on to the system, eliminating the hassle of entering user names and passwords; Windows Update can configure Automatic Updates; " Enable Hibernate enables the Hibernate feature; "IExpress" opens the IExpress wizard window, which is a very good self-extracting file-making tool that you can use to create a cab or self-extracting file. As for the other tools, friends can study it slowly, and there is no more to say.

Windows Server 2003 becomes obey orders and is much easier to use, after Windows Server 2003 Optimize tool's "tuning".


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