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For the vast majority of users, in the use of multimedia speakers will not be particularly fastidious, many users because of the unfamiliar structure of the product and the lack of knowledge, often in the speaker after a small fault is also make up for the use, it is not to change again, in fact, many multimedia speakers fault repair is very simple, The average user can easily handle it.

The following editor collected some information on the internet on the common fault repair of multimedia speakers, summed up for the following points, the vast number of netizens may wish to take a look at, perhaps some of these methods can solve your problem.

A crackling sound occurs when the volume is adjusted, and the volume is small when it is large.

This is the most frequent in multimedia speakers of the fault, I believe many users have this experience, in the use of a period of time, adjust the volume of speakers will often appear this situation. Many users choose to use the computer system to adjust the volume, which is undoubtedly a stopgap.

In fact, as long as this situation can be judged to adjust the volume of the phase device out of the problem. Most speakers use a potentiometer to change the strength of the signal (except digital mixer potentiometer), so as to carry out volume control and heavy bass adjustment. And the potentiometer is through an active contact, to change the position on the carbon resistance plate, so as to change the size of the resistance value. With the increase in the use of time, there will be dust or impurities in the potentiometer to fall into, potentiometer contacts may also be oxidized rust, resulting in contact is not true, when the volume is adjusted will have "crackling" noise.

The solution is relatively simple, only to replace a new potentiometer is enough, its cost will not exceed 2 yuan. However, the simplest approach is to open the speaker, and then the potentiometer behind the four pieces of pressure open, exposing the potential of the active contact. Then, the use of anhydrous alcohol to clean carbon block, and then drop a drop of oil in the carbon block, and finally put the potentiometer according to the original position can be fixed to solve the noise problem.

Of course, the above is what most people will encounter. But there is also a reason to cause the above failure: the quality of the potentiometer is not stable. In use, the left and right channel Reed is separate, but now because of dislocation, resulting in the use of time when the break, which produced a "Thunderbolt roaster" noise. To deal with this is also very simple, we just use the sharp-nosed tweezers gently pull, and then put back in place.

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