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Do web designers really want to learn to write code? The question is interesting, but it is rarely mentioned. Because in a website development, the page style design and the front End layout code (for example uses css,html) is respectively by the art and the front-end development person completes. The distinction between the two is almost never crossed in the industry. Of course, the answer to this question needs to be in the beholder. However, you can read the following, perhaps you can find some inspiration from it.

This is an interesting topic, but web designers rarely discuss this issue. It's hard to start with Photoshop, and you'll feel excited and nervous after you finish your first project. But if you can't write code, what's the use of the site's prototype design?

Designers take it for granted that they do not need to understand any programming language. The design work is simply to combine the beautiful pixels in the image. But many talented people have taken the time to learn to design and program. In the future, we'll discuss some of the topics, and perhaps find a web designer to find a balance between the two.


In an ideal world, we can create a picture and easily import it into a program, then compile it into a Web site, a desktop application. Sadly, it's not that simple, and it's not going to happen anywhere. At present, web design is the same as the developers must fight together to make beautiful visual effects and to meet the features of the project.

Because when a few professionals work together, cooperative relationship is very important, people will pay attention to who's technology more perfect. But how should this line be drawn up? It all depends on your team and your personal situation.

I think those who can skillfully make beautiful online pictures should be able to understand, even a little html/css content. If you have never been in touch with the development language, it will be difficult at first. However, given a few weeks to learn, anyone can learn the basics of html/css, and you will never regret learning these things in the future.

What is your responsibility?

If you are lucky enough to get a good position on a successful design, it's very fortunate. Most project managers think that every web designer should be able to understand the front-end development language in order to put their ideas into the browser. As mentioned earlier, you can learn html from scratch and get the basics within a few weeks (maybe 1-2 months, which varies from person to person).

CSS to be troublesome, you need to understand the positioning element. Although it may take a long time to fully grasp these concepts, these are all necessary for Web layout. I'm sure most of the designers who already know these front-end development languages will have a big boost for themselves, compared with just picture processing.

Web Script

The front-end Web development language has always been considered as a gray area of dynamic content. JavaScript is the most popular scripting language and supports all current browsers. But web designers do not feel the need to learn it. However, this unusually powerful language can add spirituality to your design.

In order to improve the popularity of the library structure, such as jquery learning is very easy. In fact, most web designers do not write javascript,jquery much easier, and only a few lines of code can handle the same tasks. However, I have to admit that its syntax is more like a programming language than HTML or CSS.

If you are really interested in challenging the front-end code, you can take the time to learn jquery. This will be a good condition for you to join the creative team! These days, it is very rare for a web designer to be able to prototype and write dynamic page code. Typically, design and code are done by both the designer and the front-end developer.

However, by learning these programming languages, you can also act as a designer and developer in two roles, which will add points to your presentation.

Take it easy

If you are just joining this industry, there is no basic knowledge of any web programming. Then it's going to be extremely difficult. Don't expect to build your site in HTML on the first day! Before you memorize common page elements and CSS attributes, you need to spend a little time concentrating on your studies. However, a two-week time is enough to make you understand HTML.

Do not forget that you are creating a suitable website, while also adhering to the semantic rules. If there's anything worse than a web designer doesn't know how to write code, it's that the Web designer's code is poorly written.

HTML5 's latest instructions are easy to understand, and it's easier to build a document outline. We have collected some HTML5 website templates for free download, the source code can be arbitrarily modified. Once you have mastered the basics of HTML, this can be a great help to your study. Learn more about the layout of the code from the industry's professionals.

The stability of a free profession

If you only use Photoshop for layout design, customers will not pay for the front-end Web developers to write code, only on their own to take the task. This will cause your interests to suffer.

I've done a lot of freelance work myself. I'm most comfortable with this kind of client job: Use a very complex JavaScript scripting language to animate or pull down in basic web design. Most of the skills I have in my current job are learned through freelancing. Google can now search through many of these resources, more than ever before.

But even if you don't have a passion for freelancing, you're still passionate about working for a design agency. When you create a site prototype, but it does not accurately reflect the interface elements of the site, the problem will ensue, the team of developers will make changes, the project will also be in a prolonged period of disruption.

The workflow will be disturbed by some momin wonderful things. Developing in Photoshop and Html/css will increase your control over the final product. This provides the opportunity for developers of PHP and JavaScript development experience to write more custom scripts using HTML as a template.

Future goals

Ultimately, the answer to the question "Whether designers should write code" is different. This is also the reason for this interesting discussion. You need to think about future goals and whether the code will help you build your site.

There are a lot of design work you can do, such as logos, vector maps, logos, mascots, and other product designs that are related to brand elements. But even digital painters want to build their own websites one day, and that's when the HTML knowledge you store is easy to build.

If you want to know more about this topic, you can click on our previous article "How the designer should write code." Again, it all depends on your personal preferences and the need for product design.


It is up to you to consider which skills to learn and how to strengthen your knowledge. Modern web designers are almost always considered to have some knowledge of HTML and CSS code. It is difficult to juggle both aspects when designing for the first time. But in a few months, you'll be able to handle it.

I hope this article will be helpful to you.

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