The Charm Clan MX5 cracked unicom/Mobile 4g/3g (TD-LTE/TD-SCDMA/FDD-LTE/WCDMA)

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The Charm Clan MX5 cracked unicom/Mobile 4g/3g (TD-LTE/TD-SCDMA/FDD-LTE/WCDMA)

Prerequisite: To ensure adequate electricity, at least 50%. Use pea pods, application treasure, etc. to back up important information.

1, download MX5 General edition firmware (

2, after downloading, the handset and the computer through the data line connection.

Hint: The screenshot below is for MX3 screen capture, where there may be a difference.

▲ (after the connection is successful, the mobile phone Drop-down notification bar will appear "has been connected as media device" prompt; At this point, double-click the computer "Computer", under "portable Device" will also appear "MX5." )

3, on the computer directly right mouse button file sent to the "MX5" can be.

4, into the mobile desktop "document", find file, click "", the mobile phone will automatically enter the upgrade interface.

Tip: root, or install security software, for Android signature Vulnerability patch users, be sure to clear the data during the upgrade, or you may not be able to boot. Data removal can cause personal data such as contacts to be lost, and user data include: contact, SMS, application, etc. except storage disk data, all mobile phone content, please do a backup synchronization.

5, the update process will first verify the firmware, after the success of the verification into the "Update upgrading." After a few minutes, you will be back to your familiar interface.

6, into the system, click on the desktop "system Upgrade" icon to enter to view the current version number, if and download the firmware version number, congratulations, upgrade success!

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