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Monitoring of overhead transmission lines supported by 3G/4G + Mesh combination

Monitoring of overhead transmission lines supported by 3G/4G + Mesh combination The safe and stable operation of transmission lines is an important guarantee for national economy and livelihood. However, transmission lines have been affected by man-made damage, climate and geological changes, as well as illegal buildings, super-high-growth plants, birds, snakes, and other animal interference, these are the

Network tips for iOS (e\2g\3g\4g\wifi\ no net)

following diagram:When you click Open Project, open and download the project.3, the lack of official reachabilityLook at the official given monitoring return type as follows:From where we can see the official, supportive situation. Lack of mobile phone network mode integration, can not distinguish between 2g\3g\4g, E and other networks.4. We extend the official reachability to support the 2~

Android Network-determine the Network status (Network connection, change, and determine 2G/3G/4G)

Android Network-determine the Network status (Network connection, change, and determine 2G/3G/4G) Currently, most apps need to obtain data from the network. Therefore, it is inevitable to access the network. Before accessing the network, we should first determine the network status. In fact, before accessing the network, we need to make some status judgments and corresponding status judgments for processing

The Android network-------------------determine the status of the networks (network connection, change, and judgment 2g/3g/4g)

Network_type_ltecurrent Network is lteconstant value:13 (0x0000000d) (4G) public static final int Network_type_ Ehrpdcurrent Network is ehrpdconstant value:14 (0x0000000e) 3G (3G to 4G upgrade product)--------------------------Added in API level---------------------------public static final int Network_type_hspapcurre

Can 4G be 10 times times faster than 3G?

News of Mobile 4G is also rumoured to be available by the end of the year (2013), and the number of handsets currently available to use 4G networks is numbered. For 4G than 3G Network 10 times times faster This message, personally think is still not true. First of all, it is true theoretically

When Darwin forwards, the camera's parameter settings in 3G and 4G modes

When Darwin forwards, the camera's parameter settings in 3G and 4G modesWe are forwarding the video camera sub-stream, because in different network environment, in order to achieve the most clear and smooth target in the current network environment, before forwarding, according to the use of 3G or 4G and signal strengt

Use Coretelephony in iOS to get the user's current network status (judging 2g,3g,4g)

Objective:In the project development, often need to use the network. And the user's network environment also needs our developer to pay attention to, according to the different network state to make the corresponding optimization, enhances the user experience.But usually we only judge whether the user is in the WiFi or mobile data, but in fact, the mobile data is also divided into 2g/3g/4g and other differe

The tplink [3G/4G router] cannot be connected to the Internet after the SIM card is inserted. What should I do?

After a 3G/4G vro with a built-in SIM card is inserted into the network card, the wireless signals of the vro connected to the mobile phone and computer cannot access the Internet. Please refer to the following methods for troubleshooting:If the vro cannot find the SIM card, the screen will prompt "please insert SIM card". At this time, make sure that the SIM card is correctly inserted into the ca

Small base stations integrated with 3G/4G/Wi-Fi or replaced large base stations

With the emergence of a large number of Wi-Fi hotspots and micro-cell base stations, the era of a single large base station tower may end at this year's World Mobile Communication Conference. This year's World Mobile Communication Conference will show a variety of small base stations and Wi-Fi integrated systems. Ip. access is one of the Infrastructure vendors in this field. The company is the manufacturer of ATT MicroCell consumer micro-cell base stations. The UK-based company announced its R

Android Get network type name 2G 3G 4G wifi

CaseTELEPHONYMANAGER.NETWORK_TYPE_HSPAP: + return"Hspa+"; - default: the return"UNKNOWN"; * } $}Call:1 @Override2 Public voidOnClick (view view) {3 //TODO auto-generated Method Stub4 Switch(View.getid ()) {5 CaseR.id.btn_main:6String type =getnetworktypename (context);7 if(type!=NULL){8 if(Type.equals ("GPRS") | | type.equals ("EGDE") )9Type = "2G";Ten Else i

Obtain the current network type (2g, 3g, 4g, wifi), mobile phone model, and version number of Android.

Obtain the current network type (2g, 3g, 4g, wifi), mobile phone model, and version number of Android.Obtain the mobile phone model: android. OS. build. MODEL: android. OS. build. VERSION. the code used to obtain the current network type of the mobile phone is as follows: This is a tool class, which can be saved for easy use. Package com. iqtogether. qxueyou. support. util; import android. content. context;

The network speed of the tplink 3G/4G router is slow. What should I do?

The terminal connects to a 3G/4G router and uses a 3G/4G network to access the Internet.Troubleshoot the problem as follows:A vro can provide multiple terminals to share the internet. When a terminal on the intranet downloads, games, movies, and other large-volume internet access applications, other users may experienc

Linux uses PPPD and PPP programs for 3G/4G dialing

Test environment: Linux marsboard 3.4.90 #9 SMP PREEMPT Thu Mar 3 18:28:43 CST armv7l armv7l armv7l gnu/linux (note: A20 Core Board)Communication module, loaded into ttyusb* equipment;Target: Use the communication module for 3G4G dial-up connection to the InternetMethod: Use PPPD and PPP programs to make dial-up ConnectionsPrerequisite: PPP, PPPD two programs installedSummary: The Chat-script dial script for the file PPP involved (the situation needs to be adjusted for non-communication devices,

Hammer T1 (Smartisan T1 4G) version 3G version, that is sm705 run sm701 CM11 Android 4.4.4ROM

test proved that Tencent os4g version of the brush machine does not support, has failed), to die to decide to try it 4G version of the 3G version of the ROM, the hardware gap is small, the experiment found that only use CM11 can be used in the 4G version, but this is also the harvest.Need to prepare the tool: A window computer installed a Brush Machine wizard, a

4G memory only shows 3g what's going on?

generated in the memory space is different, and this is the remaining available space size shows different reasons. 4G of memory displays only the 3g, 3.2, 3.5, 2.8 free space for different sizes. The above introduction is actually the number of system digits in the mischief, of course, if you want 4G memory is fully available, the installation of 64 sys

The special role of the reverse proxy in the app's access to 3g/4g via a non-line

because of some requirements, to temporarily build a local network, to a small range of mobile clients to provide specific network services, such services typically contain common HTTP services, data file download service, restful interface services, etc. Common non-enterprise-class wifi mifi user connections are less, more than 10 connections can not be used normally, and according to the actual conditions, often need to use the 3g/

Detect network changes (WiFi, 2g, 3g, 4g)

Detect network changes (WiFi, 2g, 3g, 4g) 1. Register the broadcast "Android.net.conn.CONNECTIVITY_CHANGE" and "Android.net.wifi.STATE_CHANGE" for monitoring:Private class Connectivitybroadcastreceiver extends Broadcastreceiver {@Override public void onreceive (Cont Ext context, Intent Intent) {try {String action = intent.getaction (); LOG.E ("Connectivitybroadcastreceiver", "a

iOS Development-reachability Real-time detection of wifi,2g/3g/4g/network status

[self.internetreachability startnotifier]; [Self updateinterfacewithreachability:_internetreachability]; return YES;}callback function:-(void) reachabilitychanged: (nsnotification *) note{ reachability* Curreach = [Note Object]; Nsparameterassert ([Curreach iskindofclass:[reachability class]]); [Self Updateinterfacewithreachability:curreach];} -(void) Updateinterfacewithreachability: (reachability *) reachability{ networkstatus netstatus = [Reachability Currentreachabilitys

Android statistics on Wifi/2G/3G/4G traffic

Requirement: count the number of Wi-Fi/2G/3G/4G traffic Issue: 1. How to Determine 2G/3G/4G The system source code TelephonyManager class provides methods, but only hidden, so you can refer to the source code Ii. How to make statistics The TrafficStats class is provided after Android 2.2 for traffic statistics. For m

OpenWrt QMI-based 3g|4g dialing

response.Upper Dialer--UqmiUqmi is a small QMI dialer supported by openwrt1407 by default, it implements the dialing commands commonly used in QMI, view status commands, pin-related functions, and so on. Here's how to use it:Eg:uqmi-d/dev/cdc-wwan0--get-data-status//Get connection status.Uqmi-d/dev/cdc-wwan0--get-signal-info//Get signal information.Uqmi-d/dev/cdc-wwan0--start-network LTE--auto Connect//Auto-dial LTE network.other commands are available through uqmi-h view. This article is from

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