The developer who wants to make money through windows marketplace for mobile has noticed it!

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The developer who wants to make money through windows marketplace for mobile has noticed it!

Since Apple Store's marketing model was successful in the United States, Microsoft is not only very interested in this profit model, but also many windowsmobile developers hope to develop products on the windowsmobile platform, the Windows Mobile Software store is also officially named --
Windows marketplace for mobile. The latest news about Windows marketplace for mobile was translated from a blog by some Microsoft developers in the United States.(Most of the content in this article comes from the Internet and does not represent Microsoft's official comments. If there are any mistakes, please criticize and correct them)

1. Every windowsmobile6.5 mobile phone will have built-in windows marketplace, and its shortcut will occupy a prominent position of the honeycomb launcher;
2. The service will be available globally in more than 30 countries, and more flexible payment options will be provided, such as direct deduction by credit card and operator;
3. The only official designated web provide software developers with registration, release and management of all-round software services;
4. Clear and transparent developer Terms of Use, and accurately define which software can be put on sale;
5. Smooth software release review process;
6. Transaction Process: You can use a credit card to pay for the application or charge the fee into the bill. If they do not like the app and return the app within 24 hours, the fee will be refunded.
7. Support for Microsoft's existing software development tools, such as Visual studio2008

The developer submits the software to Windows marketplace for mobile for free pricing and sales (you can set different prices based on different regions, of course, free of charge), and Microsoft extracts 30% of the profit from it. If a developer wants to sell software on Windows marketplace for mobile, he must pay $99 for registration. The registration fee allows the developer to submit five software programs, and then pay $99 for each additional software. In addition, the developer must pay for the upgrade of existing software. The upgrade cost of the installed application software is USD 99. However, developers can update the application within 7 days after the initial release of the application, no charge is required. (An update may contain minor errors or minor updates. Update application software without authentication ). If you are a student, you can skip this charge through Microsoft's dreamspark program.

However, it is worth observing how developers respond to Microsoft's policies. Windows Mobile marketplace will be officially launched in the fourth quarter of 6.5 with the release of Windows Mobile.

The first 27 companies that will be supported by Windows marketplace are: Facebook, MySpace, CNBC, the Associated Press, EA mobile, Glu mobile, gameloft, Namco networks, handmark, magmic games,, Pandora, Netflix, SPB software, sbsh mobile software, shozu inc ., phatware Corp ., resco s. r. O ., ilium Software Inc ., developer one mobile software, jeyo inc ., kinoma, litescape, sling media inc ., web Information Solutions Inc ., m Elodis Corp. And Zagat survey.

Other mobile app stores include Apple's App Store, Google's Android Market, and BlackBerry App World. Apple's annual fee is $99, and there is no limit to the number of shelved items. Google can enjoy the same benefits if it only charges $25 at a time. Like Apple and Google, Microsoft plans to give developers 70% of their profits.

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