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Webmaster: Clinch Green software Alliance webmaster

Hobbies: CS Personal motto: The most painful thing in life is a dream can not be achieved

Baidu Search Green software for the first page of 1-2 Google search green software for the first page 1th. One of the largest green software websites in China. Old Green software download station. 10 major software websites in China

Day visit 15.18 million IP day PV 800,000 around the world ranked 5,000. The following is the network ( Webmaster Sniper to clinch chat interview, by the Sea special net collation, if you want to reprint, please keep the complete information (that is, Green Software Alliance and the relevant information of the Sea Special Network)

Sniper: Good afternoon, CC whispered, when did your xdowns start?

Clinch: Well, starting from 04, that will just start to do the website, found that green software is more in line with the needs of netizens. Just stick it down.

Sniper: Do you think there is nothing special about your station?

Clinch: I am the same as most stationmaster, is also in the groping growth, but has a small characteristic is likes to do the professional station, is not from the entertainment, movie this piece starts. such as professional philosophy, professional QQ topics, fraud topics, women's topics, as well as biological technology. Some things may be some stationmaster had not contacted at the outset. It's a lot more now.

Sniper: Green Software Alliance This site has developed to the present, but also a relatively successful, but this time also found you in the forum distressed. Not met some of the original Chinese webmaster the same distress? For example, the site did not big before, thinking of traffic, traffic to think of profits, profits have but also found that the bottleneck problem?

Clinch: How to develop Green software Alliance, in fact, I have probably a direction in mind, just under the existing system is more difficult to expand out. With the development of the website, my side of the search volume gradually increased, in dealing with the problem of mass search, has met a small problem, but has been studying the new search technology, if the access to the big words will be load-balanced, we are now doing a beta version of the search function, This site search is still 1.0 version, the current in the storage test, the user reflects also line.

Sniper: When it comes to Webmaster station, he thought he used statistics to play a beautiful pioneering battle, you feel the same is at the bottleneck stage of development. What is your main problem?

Clinch: Webmaster station itself has a wealth of webmaster resources, our 2 stations is not a type. What I lack now is a good full-text search system, a good cms.

In fact, when the junior began to do the site, all the sites do not have any ads, that time the most happy thing is to watch traffic giggle. Large flow is not necessarily a good thing, there is no corresponding profit point, but is a burden, because the initial advertising planning did not do a good job, to the back to allow users to accept these ads, its own users of the site's value deprivation is relatively large, but also the value of advertising is not responsible attitude.

Sniper: What about the recent web site input and revenue?

Clinch: This time the website has already cast 10 tens of thousands of, the income does not and the expense balance, we do the work to be more meticulous, the interface also pursues the green clean, therefore to a certain extent income is not very ideal.

Sniper: So did the website consider the following development? such as VCs, acquisitions and the like. Oh

Clinch: When the website completes the transition and the transformation, then looks for the suitable object to talk about the follow-up development of the website.

Sniper: I see, your BBS user base is huge, but the online situation does not seem particularly good?

Clinch: At present, too many forum advertising machine, even the artificial advertising behavior is also very troublesome, advertising too much, so BBS is to take off registration, invite registration system. It takes a lot of energy and manpower to consider being fully open. After all, BBS popularity is needed to accumulate.

Sniper: Well, see your BBS should be last July only to start, half a year, there is such a good development.

Clinch: Forum No popularity is only a temporary situation, the era of Pure forum development model has passed. And BBS profit situation than the site is still poor.

Sniper: See, your site is responsible for the user, is a special intention of the site.

Clinch: I do not have full-time to do this site, I have a stable job, he as a sideline and interest, now the big environment for personal webmaster, is not very ideal.

Friends call me to play CS, hehe, see you later.

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