The difference between intelligent coatings and ordinary Coatings

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The difference between intelligent coatings and ordinary Coatings

The difference between intelligent coatings and ordinary Coatings

The difference between intelligent coating and ordinary coating is that the intelligent coating is an automatic, active, regulating indoor temperature, humidity, repair small cracks, antibacterial, antimicrobial, heat insulation, insulation, noise, energy saving, emission reduction, consumption reduction, low carbon, environmental protection, fire, waterproof, smart self-cleaning, Smart Oxygen Bar, invisible waterproof, smart discoloration, etc... Multi-functional Intelligent coating, however, the current market, the majority of people in the use of paint are still only ordinary coatings (including some famous brands), their main function is to paint, the color of the wall into a unified, do not lose powder, can wipe and so on. It is reported that only Foshan Rippem Intelligent Coating Company (RPM Intelligent Coating Network production, and put into the market to solve the domestic public The demand for smart coatings.

What is smart paint?

What is smart paint? multi-functional coating is the intelligent coating, with more functions, in the intelligent and diversified today, the popularization of intelligent coatings is the inevitable process of the development of the Times. Change the living environment of human, give the residential area a cool and comfortable space, condensed the strong vitality ...

RPM Smart Paint products mainly include smart glass insulation coating, smart insulation sunscreen coating, intelligent insulation waterproof coating, intelligent industrial insulation coating, all-weather anticorrosion insulation coating, intelligent oxygen bar latex paint and so on some series of safety, environmental protection, humanized brand World-class quality, there is always a suitable for you. For more information on the difference between smart and general coatings , you can call the RPM Company ( Foshan Rippem Intelligent Coatings Co., Ltd. ) for free questions: 0757-26910493 0757-26915738.

Smart coating:

The difference between intelligent coatings and ordinary Coatings

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