The Recycle Bin "please" to the taskbar in Windows 7

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Having a refreshing and clean operating system desktop has been the dream of many users, with Windows Vista and Windows7 default, the system desktop is already very streamlined, but still leaves an unsightly recycle Bin icon. Although we can remove this desktop icon from the setup, the Recycle Bin is a common tool. If we drag and drop it onto the taskbar, it will be automatically inserted into the list of programs, and it is inconvenient to click twice when you need to use it. Here we will introduce a way to drag the Recycle Bin to the taskbar and use it directly.

1. First, right click on the blank part of the taskbar and select "Toolbars-->new Toolbar" in the pop-up menu;

2, then in the pop-up box under the "Folder" column to enter the following characters:%userprofile\appdata\roaming\microsoft\internet Explorer\Quick Launch;

3, this time a named "Quick lauch" label will appear on the taskbar, this tag will follow several desktop program icon, because our purpose is to create a recycle Bin, so we first put these unsightly icons all deleted;

4, right click on the taskbar, the "Lock the taskbar" Before the check out, and then right-click just created the quick Lauch, "show title", the "show text" in front of the hook also removed. Then right click on the location of quick lauch, select "View" to set the size of the icon;

5. OK, now you can directly drag and drop the only existing Recycle Bin on the desktop to the established quick lauch. Now you can drag the position adjustment bar in front of the Recycle Bin icon and drag the icon to the position you want.

6, now you can right-click the taskbar, and choose "Lock the Taskbar" to lock the location of the icon, and then you can right-click on the desktop, go to the "Personalize" option, and in the left column select "Change the desktop icons", Finally in the pop-up window of the Recycle Bin in front of the hook to remove it. Now your desktop is completely clean. And right click on the taskbar of the Recycle Bin icon, the appearance of optional features but there is no less oh.

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