The innovation of paperless office in IT service field

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The invention of papermaking is a great progress of mankind, but with the heavy use of paper, people keep logging to meet the demand, which inevitably destroys the ecological balance. papermaking raw materials are mainly wood, coal, water, waste of wood and other resources, paper to eliminate waste water, pollution of the environment, waste of paper means a waste of resources.

In order to save resources, many units are implemented paperless Office (office automation), office automation for easy document management, rights Management, replication, and search, especially cloud applications, completely solve the problem of the distance use of the document

But in the IT service industry, the implementation of office automation is not smooth, whether foreign or domestic IT service companies, especially like Japan, the promotion of environmental protection countries, IT services companies are still using a large number of paper reports to provide customers, less dozens of, more than hundreds of reports is not only a waste of resources and space, but also a waste of time.

The above phenomena are caused by the following reasons:

  1. Services submitted by the intangible products, not to submit a large number of documents customers are not recognized.

  2. No better background process software, can only be customized according to the requirements of the report, and then give the customer confirmation.

  3. The industry lacks the normative, the domestic ITSS industry standard is difficult for the small and medium-sized enterprise to follow the execution.

    in many people's eyes, office automation system is mainly to deal with some documents, e-mail, to achieve the computerization of paper work. Office automation has a lot of knowledge, involving the behavioral sciences, management science, sociology, systems engineering and other disciplines , office automation applications has become a symbol of the modernization of enterprise management.

    Shanghai Qin Proud Network Technology has been committed to the implementation of IT Services office automation, innovation IT Services office automation definition, to solve integration bottlenecks with other systems, based on many years of experience and practice in IT service industry, this paper puts forward standardized IT service, uses service management platform to realize customer's IT asset management, data statistic analysis, customer privilege management, etc., and comprehensively improves the normative and actual effect of service.

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Paperless Office innovation in IT services

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