The method of testing telecom 3G Internet in Linux system

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I got a set of telecom 3g Internet equipment, this set is not cheap, even I want to say that I prodigal, but no way, no and no, I am leaving the internet will not live, although I never use QQ, meager ...


I finally selected the equipment is such: a 3g wireless network card, in order to signal good at the window, a 5-meter long USB extension cord, one to connect the network card, a 3g wireless router, or directly connected to the notebook. Nic I bought Huawei Ec122, measured Linux available, 3g No line by I bought Mercury products, built-in 2000 MA battery, emergency time can be mobile power, the power outage can be 4 hours.

Huawei ec122 in Linux setting is like this, I am not good enough so it is in the graphical interface settings. Click to set up network Manager, wireless Connection tab, I am an English system, do not know what the Chinese name, plug in, will not automatically create a new connection, At least my core seems to be 3.2 is not, manually click New, will identify the network card, select the device when selecting the network card, and then select the region for China, the operator will automatically identify the Chinese telecom that the Chinese telecom, select this, and then fill in the user name password, according to the internet seems to be, then click Finish. Right-click the network manager, open the wireless network is connected.

Charge card I was bought from the legendary Taobao 1 hair card, no monthly rent, no minimum consumption, no phone bill validity, on-time long billing, 1 minutes 1 cents, that is, 6 dollars an hour, which can be expensive. Then this card in the end and not cost-effective, because it is a long card, cost-effective or not mainly look at speed.


I tested a bit, under Linux, with Firefox download under the Thunder Offline Files. Speed in 60k/s–150k/s diving (extension: Detailed: 4M broadband download speed is how much), and the actual assumption is almost. But note that Firefox download is a very simple single-threaded HTTP download, and finally can safely next to lossless files, at least the wireless connection is very stable, although the speed is not stable.

Finally in 24 download 148m files, according to this speed, one hour can be down to 370m,1 hours of the price is 6, then drag 2GB down the price is almost 32. Taobao to buy a 2GB traffic card, at least 66, not counting postage, telecommunications and jingdong is more expensive. So that's a bargain.

and 1 cents card also has a benefit, 0月 rent, 0 minimum consumption, means that usually do not need to spend, also do not need to bother maintenance, emergency use can be taken out, this is any fee card does not have the advantages.

Also note that this is in peak time (7 points), a single-threaded download concluded that my location is closer to the city center (if it is in the suburbs or rural areas, speed will be more affected). What if you use the download tool? If you avoid the peak period, the speed can stabilize at 150k? What if the weather is better? Of course, this is only hypothetical, but if it does, the cost will fall by about 1 time times.

Finally, I am not satisfied with the 3g tariff, but only emergency, this is also a burden.

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