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The next competition market in Chinese Internet is the question and answer website, it will be difficult to do a large-scale question and answer site, but to do a market segmentation of the question and answer site is full of opportunities, such as local questions and answers, industry questions and answers. If the question and answer website can solve the business model problem, let the website sustainable development, will also appear like the group buying question and answer contest, the question group war.

  The pioneers just had an experimental field.

Now the domestic learning Quora site is very cattle, it is difficult to get the invitation code, this cool name for the hungry marketing, is actually a lot of users to play away, the user to the competitor. Although this approach is to learn Quora strategy, but the Chinese market is different, when the outbreak of the question and answer war, what is the so-called preemptive opportunity? Early development of the market is just a block of experimental fields, such as other large-scale expansion of the market, you will be wasting time behind the market.

  Opportunities for webmaster, individual and program development

1. From local access, franchise local questions and answers, the current local community mainly using forum procedures to build stations, the question and answer function is not strong, this is a local entrepreneurial development opportunities.

2. From the industry and business positioning to enter, such as to do a health quiz, fashion questions, lawyers, questions, stock questions, investment questions and answers, insurance questions and answers, car questions, market questions, product questions and answers, entertainment and consumer questions, study and immigration questions and answers.

3. Through the functions of the site to expand access, for example, business social networking site to engage in job questions, outsourcing site to launch a question and answer task, micro-blog site launches a question-answering activities, the Forum needs to ask and answer the functional plug-ins, or even a question-and-answer system, such as question and answer market expansion, the emergence of a question and answer Charge for commercial use and technology development and support services.

4. If you do not develop a question-and-answer site, but also good at a certain type of problem solving, you can open a blog to introduce their own services, Taobao open shop to the question and answer as a commodity for sale, such as food engineers, can answer or sell food production formula.

  The nature of the question and answer website

The essence of the question-and-answer website is micro-consulting, I want the answer to the question, who can give me the answer to solve the problem? In January 2010, I put forward the concept of micro-consulting, and published on Sina Weibo, micro-counseling is to refer to someone who has encountered problems, need to find someone to consult. These problems are not large work items, but are questions of immediate answer. The caller explained how much the consultation question paid, such as 10 yuan, 50 yuan or 100 yuan. The point of micro-consulting is not to kill McKinsey, the professional consulting firm, which is to liberate the public consultation demand market, to do personal counseling and business micro-consulting market, in addition to the part of the customer to guide the professional consulting company, there may be a question and answer website acquisition consulting company.

Why does Facebook have to ask questions? Search engine search can be turned to the social network to learn, one is to learn the channel of membership, the second is the hot share, the third is the hot topic of discussion, four is the social question and answer. The strategic significance of social questions and answers is to search engines (such as Google or Baidu), to turn the search engine's man-machine conversation into a dialogue between people and think tanks, to communicate between people and friends, to accomplish things that search engines can't do--using the human resources of social networks to form the world's largest think-tank, Turn the search target information into problem solving and answers, make the results of the goals better, and optimize the answers to the questions.

  The business model of micro-consulting

I am talking about liberating the public and the enterprise's micro-consulting market demand, which is a business model for the Chinese market, not a foreign quora that kind of operation idea. I offer a few business model design, do not seek personal return, only want to be able to pay attention to the Chinese Internet innovation after the stationmaster makes money.

  The micro-consultation plan allows customers to earn money and get counseling.

You're not wrong about this title, the customer is making money to get counseling, not paying for advice. Micro-consultation put to the question and answer website to operate, in order to detonate the market, it is necessary to establish incentive mechanism. In this platform, you can grade the consulting human resources, to enter the first level of the rating, the consultant can be achieved through the number of points to get the first level of the rating, and two can sell 10 times a dollar advisory services to get the first grade rating. The significance of one-dollar service is to liberate the public to pay counseling and experience-question-and-answer programs, and to examine the expertise of micro-consultants in business consulting through paid-for-consulting trading cases.

How do you encourage users to pay a dollar or higher price for a consulting service? Launch a question and answer plan. Some types of questions and answers can be designed in such a way that the first user who pays for the problem is divided into plans and the problem is resold to other members. For example, a member pays 10 yuan for a problem, gets 10% of the split, and 90% of the rest of the site and consulting experts. If this issue is sold for 100 times, members will be divided into 100 yuan, which is equivalent to obtaining counseling by means of making money. In this direction of motivation, you can also set a level of membership and advisory services can be a free consultation of the issue of cooperation for resale.

  Micro-consultation expands the gold mine in the student education question and answer market

Education market is a gold mine, spread all over the country, this is the micro-consulting online business niche market. Question and answer website can grasp these needs, students do not do homework, parents to ask questions and answers to the website, free to wait for others to answer, ranging from looking for someone to answer the question; There are teachers, especially when the teacher settled in the case, the parents will pay for the children's learning problems to diagnose, analysis why the study results, how to improve As well as children's psychological counseling, parents for children a subject, can find online tutoring. At the same time to expand a number of related businesses, such as students with glasses, to find glasses to provide free answers to advice, online booking with a single appointment mirror offers concessions.

  Real-time Consulting mobile Quiz Market

The question and answer application of mobile Internet platform has its characteristic, the payment can charge through the value-added service price. For example, you go to rent, intermediary to quote you the price, you worry about high can make a consultation call to know whether the price is reasonable, telephone charges may be 10 yuan per minute. Asking price is a kind of business model and user requirement of the question and answer website. In an emergency situation, you will want to ask for advice, or even pay to solve the problem. For example, a car crash, ask a question-and-answer website, the problem page may have a lawyer's recommendation, or through artificial counseling to recommend a lawyer, according to the use of lbs can also choose to recommend a recent lawyer. Business negotiations in the immediate consultation, and the other negotiations you may want to use a mobile phone to send a text message can be consulted, you can protect the user's consulting privacy.

  Brand question and Answer community

Outsourced online customer service and after-sales service Consulting is also a direction of business cooperation, based on the characteristics of questions and answers, can provide product advisory questions and answers service, but also to build product use of the question and answer communication community. For example, electric baking pan products, you can set up a brand question and answer site in the question and answer website, let customers ask how to use electric baking pan to make food, to ask questions and provide the answer to the members of the reward mechanism, encourage them to upload pictures, videos, share their own recipes. These users create content is to promote the brand of Word-of-mouth resources, can share the social media website spread, expand the impact of content.

  Dismantling research data for sale of micro-data

The micro-consultation platform of the question and answer website is the market research data can be dismantled and sold, which is a business model of micro data. Business consulting, market research and technical research companies, including experts, can launch business for micro-data. I want a sales data--users do not need China's air-conditioning market detailed report, he only a city 2010 air conditioning sales data. When many users discuss the problem, the value of business data can be mined through data analysis.

  The business model of buying and answering websites

From the question-and-answer extended group purchase service, to change the job online, for the test questions demo, with the advantage of drawing board, everyone one-on-one video dialogue, this has a drawing board, camera, headset group buy demand, to find a variety of needs characteristics of groups can be targeted to do group buying products; Word-of-mouth marketing, Word-of-mouth website traffic will be lost to the question and answer site, The new concept of Word-of-mouth is the answer to the FAQ website, it affects consumer decision making; Pay videos, housewives want to learn a dish, if not through the text to learn, may pay to browse the video, paid tasks, question and answer website can engage in corporate pay for the proposed collection and market research, as well as task outsourcing.

  New Career Micro advisor for quiz website

The concept of a micro-consultant was a career concept I put forward in January 2010, a micro-consultancy market in which the person engaged in the service would be a micro-advisor. Micro-consultants can be seen as a growing number of people who regard intellectual capital as a business operation and a promotion of personal branding, as well as the service of network volunteers.

  The question and answer contest between Tencent and Baidu

Tencent's question and answer products have a better advantage, with social networking organizations consulting services, human resources, can be invited to a friend QQ to answer questions, one-on-one question and answer and advisory communication, Tencent QQ is a powerful tool for China's Internet. Baidu's opportunity to launch a question and answer cloud services, allow local site binding domain name to do local questions and answers and local encyclopedia products.

Jiange Creative Labs observations: Getting answers through social questions can subvert the search for target information through traditional search engines, and the revolutionary change is that traditional search engines are looking for web information for you, and social questions and answers are to find people or answer questions to help you solve problems. Question and answer website will develop micro-consulting business model, China's Internet operations more concerned about the operation of knowledge capital, it is not only focused on the needs of high-end groups, but will pay attention to the public and enterprise micro-consulting market demand. The government has changed to a service-oriented government, and since there are micro-bloggers, it is certainly possible to have government questions and answers, and the website itself has the characteristics of a think tank and a platform for the government to solicit proposals from the public and to talk about people's livelihood.

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