The number of routers in the Internet café can be a letter how much?

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Internet Café router with the number of machines, as the name implies, is the number of computer routers can load. The average manufacturer will be in the performance parameter table nominal own router can carry 200 PCs, 300 PCs, but many times the performance of the router and nominal value are very big discrepancy.

This is because the number of Internet café routers is directly affected by the network busy degree of the actual use of the environment, different network environment with the number of machines vary greatly. For example, in the Internet café, almost all people are chatting on the internet, playing games, watching online movies, all through the WAN port, the load of the router is heavy.

And the enterprise online often only a small number of people at the same time using the network, router load is very light. So a router that can carry 200 PCs in a corporate network may not even be able to carry 50 PCs in an internet café. Estimating the average data traffic per PC on a network is also not accurate.

In a 200 PC enterprise network performance of the router, put to the Internet café often may not even 50 PCs are not moving. Estimating the average data traffic per PC on a network is also not accurate.

Therefore, the more objective statement should indicate which type of machine is for the network, and is based on the typical case estimates of the range, such as "Internet café router with machine capacity 150~250 (typical)."

In addition, some routers will refer to the "Maximum allowable Band", which is not the performance of the router, but the maximum number of IP addresses DHCP can be allocated, 254 to reduce their use of one of the 253, this value is meaningless to users.

In addition, it is said that this router is a dual WAN port, performance is twice times the single WAN. "" Single WAN port with a machine volume of 100 units, dual WAN port with 200 units. In this argument is not tenable. Now the market has a number of different brands of multiple WAN port routers in sales, but the performance is mixed.

A router long WAN port, first of all to establish in the router itself to strong enough premise, relative to the export bandwidth router processing capacity has a surplus, if its own processing capacity is limited, multiple WAN mouth is purely a device. When you select a multiple WAN port router, you must carefully investigate its performance.

Finally, small make up to say is, the number of Internet café router is only an estimate value and experience value, everybody in reference this data must pay attention to the error mentioned above. Buy Internet cafes routers, to combine the actual situation of the network to look at, accurate performance or to see the test data. In addition this data if it is from large manufacturers, reputable manufacturers of the mouth, the general statement more rigorous, high credibility. If it is from small manufacturers, the mouth of the factory, the general statement is more ambiguous, poor credibility.

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