The page in SharePoint designer cannot be edited?

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What should I do if I want to edit the page?



"This page cannot be edited in SharePoint designer. You can edit the content in the browser, or edit the corresponding page layout in SharePoint designer"



Disconnect this page from its layout page. In this way, this page is not a ghosted page, that is, the layout information of this page must be stored in the database in a single copy.

Find the page in SharePoint designer, right-click it, and select "detach from page layout ".


Best Practice:

Although unghosting is no longer a bad wolf, it can be canceled and you should not do so. this means that the page is disconnected from the layout page, and the layout page defines the layout for all the pages on the site. if you want to modify the layout template in the future, the page will not change. unless you attach this page again, but in this way, your modifications to the layout will be lost.


Therefore, the best practices in sharepoint2003 are still valid-if you must modify them, only modify the page in SharePoint designer (SPD. there is a way to avoid editing in SPD when you think you have to use SPD to edit the page. for example, create a new layout Page Template and modify the page to apply your layout template.

Now, I hear you asking-"What about dataviews? We can only add them using Spd! ". And I will cover that in my next article on the best practice of how to add a dataview using Spd to a page, without detaching it from its layout page.

Now, I heard you ask-"What about dataview? We can only add them through SPD! "I will discuss this issue in the next article: Use SPD to add dataview to the page without the need to detach from layout.

If you cannot wait until I find the time for this article, just click on the "FrontPage" tag in my blog-and see how I did it with SharePoint 2003 and FrontPage. the method is the same.



SharePoint designer Article 1-how to edit a page?


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