The reason and countermeasure of "system reboot" of SPC program

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The "system reboot" of the program-controlled switchboard is a kind of automatic trouble-shooting program which is set up to eliminate some system faults (mostly software failures). In the operation of program-controlled switchboard, once the interference from internal or external, it is easy to cause "system restart", it will directly affect the quality of communication and equipment maintenance.

1 main cause of "system reboot"

One is caused by artificial causes of the restart. The main maintenance operators of low technical level, operation is not skilled, the artificial importation of dangerous orders or changes to the Bureau data; Inter-station trunk line due to natural disasters or man-made causes of disruption and transmission equipment failures, the system after the configuration caused by the chaos of the system, power supply failure caused by power to reload.

Second, due to the unreasonable network structure, the heavy traffic load caused by the restart. Mainly has the main bureau and the module bureau each cabinet telephone traffic quantity distribution unbalance, beyond the processor can withstand the processing capacity of the introduction of the switch of the Bureau, trunk number is too large, overload; The local telephone terminal bureau and long-distance remittance board are connected by digital relaying, and the objects of the clock extraction are different.

Third, because of the program-controlled switchboard itself software and hardware problems and defects caused by the restart. The main work software has no backup, once the damage can not automatically switch; Low processing capacity, difficult to withstand excessive traffic, resulting in traffic congestion, software version is low, the function is not perfect, resulting in the long distance after the end of the automatic removal or abnormal after the failure of the user, the trunk of the virtual occupy and the internal link virtual occupy and so on.

2 main countermeasures to prevent or reduce system restart

One is to strengthen technical training, improve duty maintenance capacity. To adopt a flexible and diverse approach to enhance the technical training of duty maintenance personnel, improve the quality of the business, when the system fails in time to correctly handle the operation to prevent "restart" upgrade and extend the fault duration, strict implementation of the human-machine command management system, the use of dangerous human-machine command; To strengthen the maintenance of system software, To make the transcription of back-up information in good time.

The second is to adjust the network structure and improve the stability of the equipment. To master the distribution of traffic volume, adjust the network structure in time, rationally arrange the actual users of Lim frame, the traffic volume of the evacuation system, the total number of calls when busy, and avoid the phenomenon of continuous obstruction, access blockage, traffic control and so on. To strengthen the management of SPC exchange and trunk maintenance, To prevent the switch equipment itself and trunk faults, the connection rate is low, the congestion is large, the traffic volume is too high; To reduce the introduction of the main bureau and long-distance trunk number, to minimize the main station load, to reasonably solve the digital network between the synchronization mode, It is suggested that the long-distance Exchange Bureau and the local telephone terminal bureau and the digital circuit connected by the users of the program-controlled switchboard, using the "master-slave" synchronous mode.

Third, timely version upgrade, improve the system software functions. Version upgrade, software debugging complex, the replacement of the Exchange system hardware more, difficult, high requirements, involving a wide range of wide-network interruption of communication for a long time. Therefore, before the release upgrade, we must carefully organize technical personnel and relevant experts for repeated demonstration, to develop practical implementation plan and emergency measures, under the premise of adequate preparation, to ensure a successful version upgrade.

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